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Discover The Answer To Spicy Ketch Up Klue In Invasion Mode: MK1

Invasion clues are witty representations of move lists in Mk1, and one such clue is the Spicy Ketch Up.

Finding this clue’s key could help remove the obstacle to progress towards the next stage.

The key to solving the Spicy Ketch Up clue in MK1 is by performing Sektor forward throws brutality by pressing  -> + throw +D +D in the Invasion Mode. 

Continue reading this article to find out the answer to this clue.

What Are Klues In Mk1?

Klues is a specific term used to describe clues in Mortal Kombat 1 in the Invasion Mode.

Invasion mode is a unique game mode in MK1 where players have to solve different stages in a specific world.

This mode is the 3D board game version of MK1, where players face many trials.

To face these trials, the game offers players Klues that can solve a particular level of the Invasion mode.

When a Klue is deciphered, the obstacle blocking the further path is destroyed to reveal the next stage.

But note that Klues is usually connected with an MK1 character’s movesets like Fatalities or Brutalities.

Therefore, players must decipher these klues to narrow their character choice and moveset.

The Klue is solved once the player performs the correct moveset that the clue suggests.

As a result, the obstacle of that particular stage is removed, revealing a new stage in the map.

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Answer To The Spicy Ketch Up Klue

The Spicy Ketch Up Klue is found in the Living Forest world of the Invasion Mode in MK1.

This is one of the hardest Klues of the game, as it rarely connects with any characters.

However, the correct answer to solve this clue lies with the Mk1 character: Sektor.

Sektor In Mk1
The Character Sektor in MK1.

To solve the klue, players must perform Sektor’s forward throw Brutality.

Additionally, this move is at the bottom of Sektor’s move list in the Cameo Brutalities section.

Performing Sektor's Brutality For The Spicy Ketch Up Klue
This is Sektor’s forward throw brutality which is the answer to the spicy ketch up klue.

Players can display this moveset on the screen by accessing the Menu and pinning the moveset on the screen.

Finally, here is the button combination to perform this brutality move in the game: -> + throw +D +D.

Moreover, Players can replay levels from the map if Brutality fails.

Rewards For Solving The Spicy Ketch-Up Klue

You can obtain various rewards after solving the Spicy Ketch Up Klue in Invasion mode.

Firstly, the tree bark blocking further progress is destroyed, giving more area access.

This will allow players to move towards the next point on the map, where they can access the treasure chest.

Additionally, the treasure chest contains additional rewards that can be used in the game. They are:

Rewards After Solving The Ketch Up Klue
You can obtain several rewards after solving the Spicy Ketch up klue.
  1. The first reward from the treasure chest is Kitana’s Blood Hunger Skin.
  2. Similarly, the second reward is the Hyper Kritical Legendary Relic.
  3. The third reward is Shang Shung’s common palette.
  4. Finally, the last reward of the chest is 500 seasonal MK1 Kredits.

The Bottom Line

The Spicy Ketch-Up Klue is one of the hot topics in the Mortal Kombat 1 community, as it appears towards the end of the Living Forest.

The Klue is much more random than other Klues in the game because there is no proper trick to solve it.

However, an online guide can directly present players with the answer to this klue to progress further in the game.

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