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How To Perfect Your Parry Timing In Lies Of P?

Defeating enemies in Lies of P is a very hard task, especially for people new to soulslike games.

However, if you perfect your parrying skills, you might get ahead.

Parrying is being able to block the enemy’s attack. To perfect your parry skills in Lies of P, press the L1 or LB button just before the enemy’s attack.

Here, we will discuss the parry skills, perfect guard and the parry timing of Lies of P.

What Is Parry In Lies of P?

Parrying is an important skill that helps to block enemy attacks in Lies of P.

To put it in very simple words, parry skills help to block and defend your character and give you extra time.

Lies of P contains more than 20 fierce bosses who are hard to fight.

parry skills lies of P
Parry skills help to block the enemy’s attack.

Therefore, perfecting your parrying skills might help you win battles.

However, parrying the enemy in Lies of P is unlike other games like Dark Souls and Elden Rings.

In addition, parrying in Lies of P is trickier than you think.

You need to be precise about the timing of your parry and attack to stagger the enemy.

Only after you stagger the enemy you can perform a fatal attack to defeat them.

reddit parry timing
Parry skills are more tricky than you might think.

Also, all the bosses in Lies of P have different fighting styles and skills.

So, parry timing on one boss may not work on another boss.

Continue reading to determine if Lies of P is too hard to play.

What Is Perfect Guard Skills?

Perfect Guard skills are the perfect parry timing skills to block an attack.

You must block just as the enemy attacks you to perform the perfect guard.

In addition, you can practice your guard skills on non-playable characters.

parry timing lies of p
It is important to master the timing of your parry skills to block attacks.

For example, when you encounter your first boss, the Parade Master, you’ll also encounter a Training Dummy.

So, you can practice your guard skills with the Training Dummy.

Furthermore, you cannot perfect your guard skills without experimenting and jumping into battles.

So you might die many times before you perfect your skills.

However, the end result will definitely be fruitful. 

How To Perfect Parry Timing In Lies Of P?

It’s no secret that parrying timing and skills is a tough skill to master.

Many players are frustrated due to the difficulty level of these skills.

reddit parry difficulty
A Reddit player was disappointed due to difficulty parrying or guarding skills.

However, press L1 (on Play Station) just before the enemy attacks to perform parry or guard in Lies of P.

In addition, press LB on the controller to parry if you’re playing on Xbox.

You can parry if you perfect the timing of pressing the block button and the enemy’s attack.

If you perfect your parry timing, you can stagger the enemy.

In addition, you can also break the enemy’s weapon and make them Groggy for some time.

1. Breaking Enemy Weapons

To break enemy weapons, you must first ensure that you perfect your parry timing.

Additionally, another important part is that your enemy’s weapon is breakable.

When the weapon flashes a bright red color, the weapon is close to being broken.

2. Inflicting Groggy Status

Inflicting groggy status on an enemy can help you perform fatal attacks on the enemy.

When you block an enemy attack, and their HP bar starts to blink, you have successfully made the enemy groggy.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t wait too long before you attack the enemy.

Additionally, parrying smaller mobs and enemies is just not worth the risk.

The Bottom Line

Parrying in Lies of P is blocking the enemy’s attack.

When you parry the enemy’s attack in perfect timing enough to stagger and attack the enemy, you will have mastered the Perfect Guard.

Parrying in Lies of P is just as tricky and challenging.

So make sure to practice on NPCs before your first parry attempt.

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