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Is Lies Of P Too Hard?

Lies of P is a soulslike video game that is thrilling and challenging.

Soulslike are the sub-genre of gaming that are much more challenging and complex.

Players have been on a debate that this new soulslike game is way too hard.

Lies of P is the latest soulslike video game infamous for challenging and tough battles. Player have expressed their dissatisfaction over the game being way too hard to focus on the story’s plot.

Here we will break down the difficulty levels of Lies of P and some tips to excel in the game.

What Are Soulslike Games?

There are two types of sub-genres of video games, soulslike and soulsborne.

Soulslike games are action video games that are complex and challenging.

These games primarily focus on players’ skills and draw inspiration from Souls games.

Some of the Souls games are Dark Raider, The Surge, Lords of the Fallen, and many more.

Lies of P Gameplay
Lies of P is based on the storyline of Pinnochio.

Soulsborne games are games published by FromSoftware.

Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne are some of the examples of Soulsborne games.

Soulslike games, however, have video games regardless of the publisher or developer.

Is Lies Of P Way Too Hard?

Lies of P is set in a dark Victorian world and on the adventures of Pinnochio.

Since its release, players have been disappointed with the game’s difficulty level.

The game doesn’t ease into the challenging tasks, but the difficult can be caught head-on.

On top of that, players who are not familiar with the Souls series might find it much more difficult.

Steam Lies of P Too Hard
Steam users expressing the disappointing level of difficulty of Lies of P.

Players have taken on the discussion platforms like Reddit, Steam and so on to express their disapproval.

Reddit Lies of P Too Hard
Reddit user explaining the difficulty level of Lies of P.

These posts explain the difficulty that players are facing during gameplay.

Continue reading to learn how to Conquer the Hardest Boss of Lies of P.

Reasons For The Difficulty Of Lies Of P

Here are some of the reasons why Lies of P could be difficult to play.

  1. The bosses take very little damage. So finishing a battle can be next to impossible.
  2. All the bosses take two phases in a battle. And the second phase is much harder than the first one.
  3. The game hours are long, with a single gameplay ranging over 40 hours.
  4. There are more than 20 bosses, so you have to deal with different styles of fights and many fights.
  5. It is tough to stun the bosses with your moves.
  6. Focusing on one or defeating all of them can be challenging, with more than three enemies in a battle.
  7. Players cannot team up and play a battle like an online coop, so there is no item dropping, and the battle is tough overall.

Additionally, players have been disappointed over the lack of easy mode in Lies of P.

An easy mode can help players interested in the storyline to play and enjoy the game.

Note: In an interview with GamingBolt, the game developers said that they are trying to balance the difficulty level to make it enjoyable for both beginners and experts.

Tips For Gameplay

Here are some of the tips to survive the gameplay of Lies of P.

1. Change Your Outfits

Lies of P takes place in the city of Krat.

Furthermore, changing outfits can not only be for stylish reasons.

It can help a non-playable character (NPC) treat you differently based on your outfits.

They can be helpful based on your outfit but can also attack you.

So, read the outfit description while traveling around.

2. Read Item Descriptions

While we’re on the topic, reading descriptions is important in all game items.

The items’ description explains the history of the items.

Or what went down during the puppet massacre.

3. Sharpen Your Weapon

The weapons will be dull as you participate in fights, and you might also lose important benefits.

You can sharpen your weapon through the Grinder in the game.

Doing this will sharpen your weapons and will also give you a damage buff.

The damage buff will be applicable once you level up the item.

4. Be Aggressive

If you’re familiar with Soulslike games, you know well to be aggressive.

However, being aggressive on Lies of P has its own benefits.

Attacking the enemy who attacked you can increase your health.

In addition, you can get back the lost portion of your health from the enemy’s attack.

5. Work On Guard Skills

Guarding skills can help you dodge the enemy’s attack.

While perfecting the guarding skills can be difficult and frustrating, it can benefit you.

Doing enough of the enemy’s attack frustrates them enough for you to try your trick.

6. Combine Weapons

Break your weapons and combine weapons with one another.

Using the handle and the blade to combine other weapons can also be beneficial.

This could increase the strength of your weapon.

In addition, the weapons combination can suit your playstyle as well.

The Bottom Line

Lies of P is the latest Soulslikes game that follows the storyline of Pinocchio.

Eventhough the storyline and game are enticing, the game’s difficulty level has become frustrating for players.

Some players love the challenge while others just cannot move forward.

Read more to explore performing the Ergo Glitch and reaching the Max Level in Lies of P.
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