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How To Respec P-Organ In Lies Of P?

Lies of p is the Souls game in the Pinoccho world with unique features that unlock as you progress, one being the P-organ.

It is the progressive skill Tree with unlockable active and passive abilities for Pinocchio.

In Lies of p, you can Respec P-Organ by navigating to the Grand Exhibition building and interacting with the Saintess of Mercy Statue. However, you can only use this mechanic once you reach the game’s seven chapters.

This article will discuss P-organ and how you can Respec P-organ in the Lies of P.

What Is P Organ In Lies Of P?

P-Organ is one of the great features in the game, with unlockable skills and abilities.

The P-Organ improves Pinocchio’s combat effectiveness and grants various customized paystyles.

However, having tons of quartz currency would be best to unlock your skills and abilities.

Nevertheless, the maximum quartz you can collect is up to 28.

Once you acquire the quartz, you must use it to slot the abilities into the nodes; you can only slot two abilities in a node.

The p-Organ screen is where you can unlock various abilities.

Additionally, the game allows you to customize your character’s ability.

Therefore, manage your resources wisely as you progress through the game.

As you can encounter more challenging battles.

However, if you have spent the quartz on the wrong ability and want to readjust, the game gives you the great mechanic to Respec P-Organ.

What Happens If You Respec P-Organ?

Once you Respec P-Organ, it will undo all your unlocked upgrades and settings to phase one of the tree.

This means you can immediately make a new build according to your playstyle.

Furthermore, you’ll regain all the quartz you have spent.

This is primarily helpful since there can be some abilities you acquire but cannot use it.

 However, you will be able to use it after Respeccing P-Organ.

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Respec P-Organ In Lies Of P: Process

Now you know what Respec does in Lies Of P.

Doing Respec is not as complex as using the system itself.

To Respec P-Organ, you can head to the Saint’s statue in the Grand Exhibition.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can reach Saint’s statue;

  1. To get to Saint’s statue and unlock the respecing, you must reach chapter 7 of the game.
  2. Reach the Grand Exhibition building.
  3. Head inside until you reach the Gondola exhibition.
  4. Find the locked door on the left side.
  5. Get the key that opens the door by defeating Champion Victor. Therefore, getting inside will not be that hard.
  6. Once you open the door, you will find yourself in front of the Saint’s statue.
Respec P-Organ
Players can choose any option that they like to respec after interacting with the statue.

Then you have to spend them on Gold Coin Fruit.

Moreover, the First time is cheap. However, the amount you need to pay usually changes.

At first, it’ll cost you 10 Gold Fruit Coins to respec your P-Organ.

The Gold Coin Fruit can be found a little earlier in the game.

Furthermore, you can collect it from the tree at Hotel Krat, which becomes available after completing Chapter 5.

Use the Gold Coin Fruit after interacting with the statue, which will respec P-Organ.

Now, you can create the build as you like and suit your character.

Other Things You Can Respec In Lies Of P

In Lies Of P, you can also respec other things besides P-Organ.

This includes respecing Legion Arm Calibre and level.

However, the process of respecing is the same as P-Organ.

Respecing Legion Arm Calibre will refund any Legion Caliber items you’ve used to unlock Legion Arm upgrades.

While respecing level will refund each level up and consequent stat point.

The Bottom Line

P-Organ is the Progressive Skill tree where players can unlock new abilities and skills.

It can be respecced by interacting with Saint’s statue at the Grand Exhibition; however, it cost players 10 Gold Coin Fruit.

Doing so will refund all the quartz and reset the skill tree of P-Organ.

This will help players know about their skills and abilities and reuse them effectively for their build.

Therefore, you can test different builds without the fear of not being able to change them.

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