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Link Dodge In Lies Of P: What Does It Represent?

In Lies of P, dodging is the most crucial element of survival, but sometimes one dodge is not enough.

That’s why you need Link Dodge. It lets you dodge twice in a row, avoiding more damage and better repositioning yourself.

The Link Dodge in the Lies of P lets you dodge twice while playing the game. However, it may lead to running out of Stamina, and you need to upgrade it. You can upgrade it by finding the collectibles and unlocking P-Organs.

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When you upgrade your P-Organ, it introduces you to a new skill: the Link Dodge.

With the P-Organ points, you can unlock different branches of upgrades.

One of the branches is Mobility, with the first and second upgrades: the Dodge and the Link Dodge.

Further, Link Dodge costs 2 P-Organ points and allows you to perform another dodge while in the middle of a dodge motion.

Contrarily, you can dodge twice in a row, covering more distance and avoiding more damage.

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Players can use Link Dodge to avoid attacks with a large area of effect or to reposition themselves during combat.

To use Link Dodge, you must press the circle button again while still in the dodge animation.

Further, this will make you do a second dodge in the direction you are moving.

Therefore, you can change your direction mid-dodge and create more distance between you and the enemy.

the link dodge
P-Organ introduces the link dodge.

How Does It Work?

For instance, suppose you are facing an enemy.

He is about to swing his sword at you from the right.

You can dodge to the left by pressing the circle button once.

However, the enemy might follow up with another attack from the same direction.

Therefore, using Link Dodge, you can press the circle button again while still in the dodge animation.

Further, do a second dodge to the right; avoid the second attack and get behind the enemy.

This way, you can use Link Dodge to evade attacks with multiple hits or are hard to predict.

What Happens When You Stamina Runs Out?

Link Dodge is a handy skill that can help you survive and win battles in Lies of P.

However, it also consumes Stamina, a resource limiting your actions.

You can see your stamina bar at the bottom of the screen, which depletes when you dodge, attack, or sprint.

If your Stamina runs out, you cannot use Link Dodge or any other action until it recovers.

Therefore, you must manage your Stamina wisely and use Link Dodge only when necessary.

Further, you can upgrade your Stamina by finding collectibles or unlocking other P-Organ skills.

How To Find Collectibles?

To find collectibles, you must explore the different areas of Krat and look for glowing blue flowers.

These flowers indicate the presence of nearby collectibles, such as a book, a note, a newspaper, a letter, a document, and more.

Krat Area
You’ll find collectibles in the Krat area.

You can interact with these flowers to pick up the collectible and learn more about the game’s lore and story.

Some collectibles are hidden in secret places or require you to complete specific tasks or quests to access them.

Collecting all the collectibles will help you achieve 100% game completion and unlock all the trophies.

How To Unlock P-Organs?

You must find and collect Quartz to unlock P-Organs in Lies of P. 

Players need it to activate different abilities on the P-Organ skill tree.

Players must complete character quests, open treasure chests, defeat mini-bosses, or explore secret areas.

Only then will they find Quartz. Further, they can buy it from some merchants.

the quartz
You require Quartz to unlock P-Organs.

Once you collect some Quartz, go to the room on the second floor of Krat Hotel.

There, you will find a device that allows you to access the P-Organ menu.

Further, you will encounter different branches of abilities that you can unlock with Quartz, such as Attack, Survival, Ability, and Item.

The Bottom Line

The Lies of P offers layers with the Dodge and the Link Dodge. Therefore, you need to choose them as per your requirements.

The dodge mechanic in Lies of P differs from other games in the same genre, such as Dark Souls or Sekiro.

Contrarily, it requires more skill and timing to use it effectively, and it is not always the best option to avoid enemy attacks.

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