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Choice For Sophia In Lies Of P: Give Her Peace Or Let Her Live

Sophia is a character who can either be killed or saved at the end, and the choice is yours.

There are many non-playable characters in Lies of P.

Sophia is one of the NPCs who also acts as a companion.

Sophia is an angelic and powerful character in Lies of P. You have to choose Sophia during the game’s ending, which will determine her fate further in the game.

Here, we will discuss the details of Sophia as a character and your choice at the end.

Who Is Sophia In Lies Of P?

Sophia is a non-playable character who guides you through the adventures of the city of Krat.

She is famous for her angelic stature and nature.

In addition, Sophia is also a gentle but powerful character in the series.

Furthermore, she helps Pinnochio gain more Ergo and become stronger.

Sophia Choice Lies of P
Sophia is a gentle and robust character who guides Pinnochio throughout the game.

Ergo is a type of experience point(XP) that helps to increase Pinnochio’s level and skills in Lies of P.

So, Sophia acts as a guide and advisor throughout the game, as the story starts with Sophia’s narration.

Further, you can first encounter her during your initial visit to Hotel Krat.

Endings In Lies Of P

In Lies of P, you can either tell the truth or lie; you do not have to keep telling the lie or the truth in any of the instances.

Ultimately, your choices will decide different versions of the game’s endings.

There is a default ending and two other endings based on the choices.

Here are the three endings of Lies of P;

  1. Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After
  2. Rise of P
  3. Free From The Puppet String

The first ending is said to be the worst ending Lies of P could have.

You’ll have to give your heart, and Geppetto will use the heart to revive his son.

In addition, the second ending is the best ending you could have.

Furthermore, the third ending is a neutral ending to Lies of P.

The other two endings are where you make the choices for Sophia in Lies of P.

Continue reading for the details of Rise of P, the ending in Lies of P.

Timeline Of Sophia In Lies Of P

The game starts with the narration of Sophia, who wakes up Pinnochio in Krat Central Station.

She serves as her guiding voice and gives details about Gemini and Ergo.

Then, you will first encounter Sophia on your visit to Hotel Krat.

Hotel Krat Lies of P Sophia choice
You will first encounter Sophia in Hotel Krat.

As mentioned before, there are many choices you must make throughout the game.

One of the first choices you make is when you enter Hotel Krat.

Sophia will ask you if you’re a puppet or a human.

She will only let you enter if you lie and say Pinnochio is a human.

After that, you will meet Sophia in various instances of the game.

Finally, you will meet Sophia at the game’s ending; have to make a crucial choice for her.

The Choices You Can Make For Sophia

There are two choices you can make for Sophia.

When you see Sophia, she will be trapped in the Arche Abby Tower.

Therefore, she will be almost lifeless and need your help.

The choices you can make for her are:

1. Give Her Peace

“Give her peace” is one option that means you have to let go of her.

A cutscene will appear that shows how Sophia wanders off into the inexistence.

Sophia Cutscene
Sophia’s “Give her peace” ending in Lies of P.

The blue butterflies will fly across as her soul and body wipe from the place.

2. Let Her Live

You may think that “Let her live” is an option to save Sophia.

However, once you choose this option, Sophia has no presence.

There is no guarantee that the option saves Sophia at all.

Sophia Ending lies of p
Sophia’s ending choices in Lies of P.

However, many clues and instances involving Sophia further in the game.

In addition, this may be a cliffhanger to add to a New Game Plus(NG+) update.

The Bottom Line

Sophia is an angelic and powerful NPC who acts as a guide and a companion for Pinnochio throughout the story.

You will be able to meet Sophia through many instances of the game.

Also, you have to make a crucial choice for Sophia at the end of the game.

Therefore, decide wisely, as your choices may affect the game’s future updates.

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