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Troubleshooting Lift The Shadow Curse Quest In BG3

Lift the Shadow Curse is a quest in BG3 where you will need to find Thaniel and Oliver.

But players are having issues with the quest not completing. 

If your Lift the Shadow Curse quest is not completed, you can try reloading earlier saved files, completing all the prerequisites, defeating Ketheric Thorm, reinstalling the game, and reporting the bug.

Continue reading to learn more about lifting the Shadow Curse, the reasons it is not complete and how to fix it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Lift The Shadow Curse?

Lift the Shadow Curse is a quest that allows you to remove the curse that is afflicting the Shadow Curse Lands.

In this quest, you will need to help two characters named Thaniel and Oliver.

Thaniel is cursed and his other half Oliver is missing so you must find Oliver and reunite them.

To lift the curse, follow the process below:

  1. Find Thaniel in the Shadowfell.
  2. Reunite Thaniel with Oliver in the Shadow Curse Lands.
  3. Defeat Ketheric Thorm, the lich who caused the curse.
  4. Return to Thaniel and Oliver to complete the quest.
  5. The Shadow Curse will lift, and the Shadow Cursed Lands will heal.
lift the shadow curse is a quest that allows you to remove the curse
Lift the Shadow Curse is a quest that allows you to remove the curse.
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Why Is Lift The Shadow Curse Not Completing?

The Lift the Shadow Curse quest may not be completed due to several possible reasons.

Here are some reasons explaining why this quest might not be completed:

1. Ketheric Thorm Not Defeated

Ketheric is the main source of the Shadow Curse, so you must defeat him in order to lift the curse.

Though he is powerful, you can defeat him with the right strategy and companions.

And make sure that you are high enough level to compete with him.

defeat ketheric thorm
Make sure you have defeated Ketheric Thorm.

2. Incomplete Prerequisites 

Check to see if you have completed all of the prerequisites for the quest, such as reuniting Oliver and Thaniel.

Since the lift, the Shadow Curse quest is complex with many steps.

3. Bug issues

BG3 is still in early access so there are some known bugs in the game.

It is possible that the Lift the Shadow Curse quest is bugged if you are unable to complete it.

4. Incorrect Items Or Spells

In order to defeat Ketheric and lift the shadow curse, you will need to use the correct items and spells.

Make sure that you have the necessary resources at your disposal before attempting to complete the quest.

How To Fix Lift The Shadow Curse If Not Completing?

You might experience issues with the Lift the Shadow Curse quest, which is incomplete.

Here are some steps you can consider to fix the issue:

  1. Make sure you have defeated Ketheric in order to lift the curse.
  2. Complete all the prerequisites for the quest.
  3. Use the correct items and spells to defeat Ketheric and lift the Shadow curse.
  4. Level up your characters if you think you are not high enough.
  5. Moreover, you can also try reinstalling the game.
  6. If you have a previously saved file from before you encounter the issue, consider reloading it.
  7. You can revisit the place where the quest was initiated and talk to relevant NPC, like Halsin and Art.

Additionally, you can try verifying the integrity of your game files by following these steps:

  1. Launch Steam and go to your Library.
  2. Right-click on Baldur’s Gate 3 and select the Properties.
  3. Click the Local Files tab and select Verify integrity of game files.

The Bottom Line

Baldur’s Gate 3 is in early access so bugs and glitches are expected.

If you are still having trouble completing the quest, you can report the bug to the game developers.

Developers often release updates and patches to address known issues and improve the overall gameplay experience.

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