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Explore The Golden Ratio In Patch 14.1 Of LoL

In League of Legends (LoL), players are curious about the new Golden Ratio in the new patch 14.1.

This Golden Ratio adds new depth to the LoL storyline and provides players with exciting challenges and rewards.

Golden Ratio is a quest in League of Legends where two champions compete to be the first to eliminate the other using their ultimate abilities. It is one of the updates from patch 14.1 that adds a dramatic and artistic showdown between these champions.

Continue reading to learn more about the Golden ratio in League of the Legends (LoL).

The New Patch 14.1 Introduces Golden Ratio In LOL

Patch 14.1 introduces new items, quests, terrain changes, QOL changes, bug fixes, etc. in League of Legends.

Furthermore, League of the Legends adds four in-game quests for the champions in this patch.

These quests help champions showcase their personalities, abilities, and lore on the Rift.

The four in-game quests in the 14.1 patch of the League of the are as follows:

  • Golden Ratio
  • Fishing in the Lavender Sea
  • Bad Blood
  • Battle of spirit and shadow

In addition, you must activate all the four quests to play and complete it.

Hence, if you can win in these quests, you can earn valuable rewards to help you progress in the game.

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What Is The Golden Ratio In LoL?

Golden Ratio is one of the four new in-game quests from patch 14.1 in Legends of League.

Furthermore, this quest is a special mission in League of Legends where two champions, Hwei and Jhin, have to face off against each other.

The main goal of the quest is for one of them to use their most powerful move, called the ultimate ability, to defeat the other.

Golden ratio quest battle
Hwei is one of the champions known for his visions of pain, peace, and art.

In addition, the quest focuses on creating a dramatic showdown between these champions.

The battle between Hwei and Jhin represents the concept of death and despair as a form of artistic expression.

Hence, the Golden Ratio quest adds an exciting and unique element to the game, making it more interesting for players.

The Battle Between Hwei And Jhin

Golden Ratio is the secondary quest in the new patch 14.1 notes of League of Legends.

League of Legends Golden Ratio has two main champions named Hwei and Jhin.

Furthermore, in this quest, the battle is between the two main champions Jhin and Hwei.

Hence, to win the golden ratio, either Jhin or Hwei must win the battle.

Rewards for the kill
Both Hwei and Jhin can get a boost in their abilities as a reward after killing one another in the Golden Ratio.

Since Hwei and Jhin are both artists, Roit gives them an easter egg so, they must try to kill each other using their ultimate ability.

The one who can provide death to the other becomes the champion and more powerful one.

1. Conditions To Activate The Golden Ratio

Before jumping into the golden ratio quest, players must activate it to complete it.

Hence, there are two specific conditions in this quest that are as follows:

  • Hwei and Jhin must be on opposing teams
  • Hwei and Jhin must be both at least level 12

The reason why both must be level 12 is that 4 is an important number for Jhin, and 3 is an important number for Hwei, so the logic is that 4 multiplied by 3 gives 12.

2. Use Ultimate To Kill And Win 

If you take the character of Hwei, then you must kill Jhin with your ultimate ability.

The ultimate ability of Hwei in the Golden ratio quest of League of the Legends is Spiraling Despair.

After the win, either Hwei or Jhin can be the Golden Artist of the Golden Ratio quest.

Hwei ult on Jhin
Use Hwei’s Spiraling Despair ultimate to kill Jhin and use Jhin’s ult to kill Hwei to win the quest.

Hence, if the character Hwei successfully kills Jhin, Hwei can earn 3.33% of Magic penetration and vice versa.

To win the Golden Ratio quest, Jhin must also kill Hwei with his Ultimate.

Rewards For The Golden Ratio

The quest’s outcome determines the rewards for the victorious champion in the Golden Ratio.

1. Hwei’s Victory

If Hwei wins the battle against Jhin, his visions of pain, peace, and art will get stronger.

Hence, he will earn a powerful 3.33% Magic Penetration.

2. Jhin’s Victory

If Jhin wins the battle against Hwei, he turns Hwei into his virtuosic magnum opus.

Hence, this can earn him a substantial boost of 4.44 lethality.

The Bottom Line

Patch 14.1 brings exciting changes to the League of Legends to make the game more fun and balanced.

Thus, after completing the Golden ratio, you can move on to activate the other three new in-game quests of patch.

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