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Clear The Shadows With Durin’s Axe In Shadow Vents: Return To Moria

The shadow vents are part of the gameplay mechanics of The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

In the game, players explore the ancient Dwarven kingdom of Moria, overrun by the shadow of Sauron.

In Return to Moria, players can use a special Durin’s Axe to clear the shadows from shadow vents. However, they are broken into five pieces and scattered into five different players.

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Introduction To The Shadow Vents

The shadow vents are like wounds on the earth, bleeding out a foul substance that transforms the surrounding terrain into a nightmare.

Besides foul substances, you’ll encounter various hazards, such as poisonous gases that can suffocate the unwary.

There are lava flows that burn anything in their path and deadly traps that can spring at any moment.

As a result, the air is thick with smoke and ash, and the ground is cracked and unstable.

durin's axes
Use Durin’s Axes to clear the shadows.

Despite these dangers, they are home to many creatures that have been twisted by the shadow, such as orcs, trolls, and wargs.

Contrarily, the shadow vents are not a place for the faint of heart.

Players wanting to explore them can find secrets and treasures hidden in the darkness.

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How To Cleanse The Shadow From The Shadow Vents?

The players can use a special Durin’s Axe weapon to cleanse the shadow from these areas.

It is a legendary artifact that belonged to Durin, the first king of Moria.

Using it, players can access chests containing rare and valuable loot, such as weapons, armor, and crafting materials.

1. Find The Durin’s Axe 

Durin’s Axe is broken into five pieces and scattered throughout the mines.

Players must find all five fragments and reforge them at the Great Forge.

The locations of the five fragments are:

  1. The first fragment is in Westgate, on the second floor of a building with two staircases.
  2. The second fragment is in The Second Hall, behind a hidden door that requires a lever to open.
  3. The third fragment is in The Bridge of Khazad-dûm, under a pile of rubble. You need to clear with explosives
  4. The fourth fragment is in The Chamber of Mazarbul, in a chest; a mighty troll guards it.
  5. The fifth fragment is in The Endless Stair, at the top of a spiral staircase that is full of traps and enemies.
ubasam wood
You can find the Ubasam in the Lower Deeps.

2. Use The Durin’s Axe

Once players have reforged Durin’s Axe at the Great Forge, they can use it to cleanse the shadow from the shadow vents.

Durin’s Axe makes a lot of noise when used, which attracts more enemies to the area.

Therefore, players have to be ready to fight off hordes of foes while they loot the chests.

It requires ammo to function; it needs silver and ubasam wood to craft.

Players should be careful while using it, and they should not run out of ammo for Durin’s Axe.

As a result, they must find more resources or switch to another weapon.

It has a cooldown time after each use, which prevents players from spamming it.

Players must time their attacks carefully and avoid wasting shots on missed targets or friendly fire.

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The Bottom Line

The shadow vents are a challenging but rewarding feature of The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

They offer a high-risk, high-reward gameplay experience for players who want to test their skills and get better loot. 

Moreover, they add variety and immersion to the game world, as they show how the shadow of Sauron has affected different parts of Moria.

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