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How To Clear An Umbral Entity That Prevents Your Progress?

Lords Of The Fallen is a soulslike game that features many puzzles; one is an Umbral Entity that prevents your progress.

Players are quite confused about how to clear this puzzle when they encounter it at first.

This is because the Umbral Entity appears in the Umbral world and the Axiom world.

To clear the Umbral Entitiy that prevents your progress, players have to remove the glowing Umbral roots by eliminating the Umbral Entities. Use the Soulflay ability to clear these Entities.

Continue reading to learn more about this issue and ways to solve it.

What Is An Umbral Entity?

 In Lords Of The Fallen, players will come across blocked doorways blocked by Umbral Entities. 

The only way to look for Umbral entities is by using the Umbral Lamp.

Umbral Lamp In Lords Of The Fallen
Umbral Lamp In Lords Of The Fallen

These obstacles will hinder your progress until you remove them.

Firstly, players should be able to identify the Umbral Entity to eliminate them.

Generally, Umbral Entities follow specific movement patterns, which act as a hint to identify them.

They can sway back and forth, emit faint whispers or indicate their presence by glowing.

Additionally, they appear as dark blue Soulfay targets with a monster sticking out from the wall.

These monsters can only be eliminated by using the Soulflay ability.

Sometimes, players also need to go to another world to identify and destroy these Umbral Entities.

Players can use their Umbral lamp to access another world in these cases.

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How To Destroy The Umbral Entity?

The Umbral Entity can only be destroyed after removing each node from the Umbral door.

These nodes can be seen in the door, resembling large dark root sprouts.

Players need to follow these sprouts to pinpoint the location of the Umbral nodes.

Upon locating the Umbral Nodes, players must use the Soulflay ability to remove them.

To find the Umbral Entity, lift your Umbral Lamp.

Umbral Lamp in Lords of the Fallen serves not only to explore the realm of the dead.

However, it also allows you to interact with specific puzzles within the game.

Destroying Umbral Entity In Lords of The Fallen
Destroying Umbral Entity In Lords of The Fallen

To use Umbral Lamp For Xbox and Playstation users, press the L2 or LT button on the controller.

Alternatively, you can raise the Umbral Lantern on PC by pressing ‘Q.’

Sometimes, these nodes can also be present in the Umbral and Axiom worlds.

Therefore, players must traverse another world and destroy these nodes from within.

Use your Umbral lamp to teleport to another world to look for more nodes.

After locating the node, players must use the Soulflay ability at the right moment to clear it.

Wait for the node to become susceptible, signaled by a change in appearance or a distinct sound cue.

Wait for it to become vulnerable and strike at the critical moment to destroy the node.

The Umbral Entity will disappear from the door once players have cleared all the nodes blocking it.

How To Use SoulFlaying To Clear Umbral Entity

SoulFlaying can be executed only after lifting Umbral the lamp.

Press L2/LT/L-CTRL and hold down R2/RT or R-Click when locked on to an enemy or item to SoulFlay.

Soulflaying means removing the item’s or enemies’ souls in the game.

Soul Flaying To Clear The Umbral Entity
Soul Flaying To Clear The Umbral Entity

It is used for either Fighting enemies or traversing to another world.

In a battle, Soul Flaying allows players to tear the souls of adversaries.

Hence, enemies that have been Soulflayed will take withered damage and die more quickly.

However, using Soulflay on enemies takes up one soulflay charge per use.

These soulflay charges are represented by Blue flame icons under your health bar.

To recharge them, rest at the Vesige or use the Soul Siphon ability.

The Bottom Line

Clearing the Umbral Entity is one of the trickiest puzzles in the game.

This puzzle also makes its presence throughout different areas of the game.

Hence, players must have mastery over this puzzle to progress further in the Story of the game.

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