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Lords Of The Fallen Best Catalyst: Explore Magical Abilities

Lords of the Fallen have various types of weapons such as Axes, Catalysts, Daggers, Fists and so on.

Catalysts are a particular type of magic weapons that are suitable for attacking enemies from a distance.

In Lords of the Fallen, catalysts are specialized magical weapons used to cast spell damage keeping a safe distance from the enemies. Choosing the best catalyst is difficult as each one has unique abilities and depends on your playstyle.

Continue to learn more about the best catalyst in Lords of the Fallen.

Catalysts In Lords Of The Fallen

Catalysts are the ranged weapons that players can wield during combat and harness various magical abilities. 

You can find them throughout the game and also purchase them from the vendors.

However, powerful catalysts tend to be more expensive than others. 

Without a catalyst, players cannot cast any type of spells.

In addition to being used to cast spells, you can use a catalyst to increase the damage of your weapon and slow down the enemy.

You can equip a catalyst in the third slot where weapons are placed.

Then, you can cast spells according to the catalyst type in a row below it.

Further, every school of magic requires a different catalyst in the game. 

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Types Of Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen

Each catalyst has a certain number of Spellshots that players can equip to it. Also, the Spellpower rating defines how effective your spells are.

Further, players use unique catalysts to cast a different type of spell.

Each type of catalyst has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

They are essential for any character who wants to use magic in Lords of the Fallen.

There are three types of Catalyst in the game:

1. Radiant Catalysts

Radiant catalysts cast the lightning spells. You can use this against enemies that are weak to lightning.

Similarly, you can use it against enemies that are flying, as lightning spells can track their movements.

Orian Preacher Catalyst3100
Agony's Light3135
Wilmarc's Catalyst4100
Abbess Chalise594
Extracter Scripture593
Radiant Purifier Catalyst3135

2. Inferno Catalysts

Inferno catalysts are used to cast fire spells, which is very effective against enemies that are weak to fire.

However, you should not use this in combat with enemies that are resistant to fire.

You can also use this against enemies that are grouped together, as fire spells can spread to multiple enemies.

Name SpellshotsSpellpower
Pyric Cultist Catalyst3100
Searing Accusation4100
Rhogar Heart594
Lord Catalyst3135
Miranda's Touch3135

3. Umbral Catalysts

Umbral Catalysts are used to cast dark magic spells. It makes enemies more vulnerable to your attacks and easily debuffs them.

Nohuta Effigy3142
Charm of Fortune's Sight4101
Hungering Knot3120
Lost Berescu's Catalyst597
Putrid Child Catalyst3110
Sunken Beseecher596

5 Best Catalyst In Lords Of The Fallen 

The best catalyst for you will depend on your preferred playstyle and the type of magic you prefer.

If you are unsure which catalyst to choose, you can always experiment with different ones to see which one you like the best.

Some of the Lord of the Fallen’s best catalysts are:

1. Abbess Chalise

It is one of the radiant catalysts that deals moderate damage with 5 spell slots.

Lord of the Fallen Best catalyst Abbess Chalice
Lord of the Fallen Abbess Chalice.

The enemy named Abbess drops this catalyst at the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters or The Empyrean.

2. Lord Catalyst 

Lord Catalyst is the Inferno catalyst that provides moderate magical damage.

Furthermore, it has 3 spell slots with a higher 135 spell power that deals damage from a far distance.

Best Lord Catalyst in Lord of the Fallen.
Lord Catalyst in Lord of the Fallen.

Players can find this catalyst at the start of the Lord class or Bramis Castle.

3. Rhogar Heart

It is an Inferno catalyst that deals magical damage to enemies with a focus on the Inferno attributes.

You can find Rhogar Heart when the Conflagrant Sheer enemy drops it.

Lords of the Fallen Rhogar Heart Catalyst.
Lords of the Fallen Rhogar Heart Catalyst.

4. Nohuta Effigy

It is one of the umbral catalysts having high spell power that you can use to cause greater damage.

You can find this catalyst in the Cistern.

Lords of the Fallen Nohuta Effigy
Lords of the Fallen Nohuta Effigy Catalyst.

However, it requires 16 Inferno stat and 16 Radiance.

5. Lost Berescu’s Catalyst

It delivers significant magical damage that scales with 20 Inferno and Radiance each.

This catalyst also deals 20% physical damage using 5 spellshots.

Lost Berescu's catalyst with 5 spellshots.
Lost Berescu’s catalyst with 5 spell shots.

Moreover, catalysts are more effective when used together with other spells and abilities.

For instance, you can use a catalyst to cast a fire spell and then follow it up with a melee attack.

Additionally, they refine your weapons and armor. So, you can use a catalyst to cast a spell that increases your weapon’s damage.

And you can use the catalyst to cast a spell that slows down an enemy or reduces their damage resistance.

The Bottom Line

With careful use, catalysts can be a powerful tool for your weapons.

Players can choose the best catalysts in Lord of the Fallen according to their preferred playstyle and experience.

However, some catalysts that you can wield include Abbess Chalise, Lord Catalyst, Rhogar Heart, Nohuta Effigy and Lost Berescu’s Catalyst.

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