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How To Revive Partner Lords Of The Fallen?

In Lords of the Fallen, players can revive their partner. Furthermore, the method is quite simple and easy to execute.

Partners will allow players to go up against harder enemies and clear the game much more efficiently.

Players can revive their partners through the Vestige in Lords Of The Fallen. Furthermore, players can use the Vvestige to summon or aid players and become partners.

This article discusses the partners and ways to revive them in Lords Of The Fallen.

What Is Lords Of The Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen is the new souls-like game from the developers Hexworks and Defiant Studios.

The current iteration of the Lords of the Fallen game is a revamped version of its predecessor with the same name from 2014.

Since it is a soul-like game, players will see a lot of similar mechanics from Dark Souls in the Lords Of The Fallen.

In Lords Of The Fallen, players can choose from a total of nine starting classes. However, there are four more classes that players can unlock.

The last four classes on the list are secret classes that players must unlock from quests.

After completing the game through the use of certain starting classes.

Thus, players must make sure to try to complete the game using every starting class if possible.

lords of the fallen classes
Players can choose from various classes in Lords Of The Fallen.
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What Is A Partner In Lords Of The Fallen?

Lords Of The Fallen offers a great co-op experience to the players.

The players can join their friends or randoms to help out in exploration or defeating enemies in the game.

However, the story progression is not shared among the host and the partner. But, the partner can take the loot dropped by the enemies.

Players can also join each other to level up, thus, making the game a bit easier for players tackling souls-like games for the first time.

For players to join in with other players, players must first head to the Vestige. 

Then, interact with the Vestige; players will see multiple options on the Vestige screen. The options are;

  1. Beckon Lampbearer: This option will allow a random player to drop into your world and help you clear the content of the game.
  2. Beckon Friend: Players can invite one of their friends through this option. Similar to the first option, it is mainly to clear the content of the game.
  3. Accompany Lampbeare: Players can join another random player to help them clear the content of the game.
  4. Slaughter Lampbearer: This option will allow players to invade other players’ worlds and go into PVP mode.
lords of the fallen partner vestige options
Vestige multiplayer options in Lords of the Fallen.

How To Revive Partner In Lords Of The Fallen?

In certain cases, the enemy may down your partner. In such cases, players can revive their partners.

Players must go to the Vestige to revive their partner in Lords Of The Fallen.

Here they must choose the option to revive their partner. Thus, it is a lot easier than players expect it to be. 

Vestiges are locations where players can rest. Furthermore, it is similar to other soul-like games.

It acts as a place to regain health, upgrade characters and get various other achievements.

The Bottom Line

Partners can be an integral part of Lords of the Fallen.

However, they are not a necessity, thus, players can choose to go through the game with a partner or solo.

Players can choose to invade others as well, thus, it can go two ways, you can gain a partner or get an invader to fight off.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in reviving your partner in Lords Of The Fallen.

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