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Lords Of The Fallen Tutorial Boss: The Ultimate Battle

The Tutorial Boss in the ultimate Lords of the Fallen battle is called the Lightreaper.

The Lightreaper has been a boss since the tutorial started and is not ordinary.

In Lords of the Fallen, the Tutorial Boss’s ultimate battle attacks are Mount: fire breathe and dive, dual blade range swing and slash, spin attack and thrust. You can defeat the Tutorial Boss using spells and Ignite cure.

In this article, you will learn about the Tutorial Boss in Lords of the Fallen, his location, attack against you and strategy to defeat him.

Who Is Tutorial Boss In Lords Of The Fallen?

In the Lords of the Fallen, the Tutorial Boss is also called the Colossal Boss.

He is the first boss encountered in the game, but players do not officially face it.

tutorial boss in lords of the fallen
Fight against the Tutorial Boss(the Lightreaper) at Defiled Sepulchre.

Furthermore, he is a Rhogar-umbral hybrid searching for lampbearers.

Additionally, the Tutorial Boss appears on a two-headed creature that breathes fire, causing significant Burn and Ignition.

He is not an optional boss. Therefore, you must defeat him to advance further.

Location Of The Tutorial Boss In Lords Of The Fallen

The Lightreaper can be found for the first time in the Defiled Sepulchre, and you cannot defeat him here.

After your defeat, you will reencounter him towards the end of your exploration of Fitzroy’s Gorge.

However, if you die here too, you will reencounter him at Upper Calrath towards Baramis Castle.

After your initial defeat, you will not encounter him at Defiled Sepulchre and Fitzroy’s Gorge.

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What Are The Attacks Of The Tutorial Boss?

In Lords of the Fallen, the Tutorial Boss in ultimate battle will use a variety of attacks against the players.

Some of the attacks that the potent enemy will use against you are:

1. Mount: Fire Breathe

The Mount emits a stream of flames that can cause Ignition and Burn.

Therefore, the flames can also leave a residue that can harm those who come into contact with it.

However, if you stay away from the path of fire, you can avoid the damage dealt against you.

2. Mount: Dive

The mount will execute a dive attack while in the air and can descend rapidly from a height.

Therefore, move away quickly from the expected landing spot in the direction of the dive.

3. Pounce

The boss performs a jumping attack, jumping into the air and landing forcefully on the ground.

If the Lightreaper jumps, moving either in the opposite direction or toward where he originally started is recommended.

4. Thrust

The Lightreaper’s sword charging ability is genuinely exceptional.

He will advance towards you with the swords pointing out, which can cause devastating damage.

However, you can counter this attack by rolling to the opposite side of the attack.

5. Strike Down

The boss performs a melee attack, striking his blade and jabbing downward to the ground.

It would help if you dodged the strike, running away from the attack spot.

6. Double Blade Swing

He swings both blades in a melee attack simultaneously.

However, this combo attack can occur sequentially; it’s best to block or keep backing up, letting him finish it.

7. Dual Blade Range Slash

The enemy swiftly slashes both blades, releasing a linear projectile arc moving in a straight path.

However, you can step aside quickly to evade the narrow attack by maintaining a significant distance.

8. Spin Attack

The Lightreaper spins forward, holding blades raised to cut through all obstacles.

However, you can dodge by stepping back when the boss approaches or block the attack when executed.

9. Fire Spread

You can witness the Lightreaper’s power as it sets ablaze in multiple directions, leaving nothing untouched.

Furthermore, you can avoid burnout by running away from the direction of ignition.

However, you are currently limited to the gap created by the fire trails.

How To Defeat The Tutorial Boss In Lords Of The Fallen

It would be best to have a proper strategy to defeat the Tutorial Boss.

You can’t defeat the boss as he attacks you from his Mount in the first encounter.

However, you will have the chance to defeat him in the second encounter.

These are the steps that will help you defeat the boss.

  1. In the second encounter, the Lightreaper rides his dragon that breathes fire and slams its body on the ground.
  2. You can encounter both of these attacks just by dodging and running away.
  3. Avoid attacking the dragon and wait for the boss to get off the dragon.
How to defeat tutorial boss in lords of the fallen
The Tutorial Boss is riding the fire-breathing dragon-like creature.
  1. After he lands, swiftly move towards and strike him before he begins his attacking stint.
  2. The Lightreaper wields two swords and swings them swiftly, allowing brief pauses in his attack for a counterstrike.
  3. He tends to disappear and then suddenly reappear in unpredictable locations, occasionally materializing on top of his mount.
  4. Always be aware of your surroundings, and keep moving if you don’t spot the boss.
  5. Be cautious and move away if the enemy starts to charge their attacks.
  6. However, there is a possibility that you might get defeated here as well, so prepare for the third encounter.
  7. The fight scene will remain the same in the third battle but will be quicker and more intense.
  8. Follow the same pattern of your attack against him.
  9. If the Umbral above him is still alive, he will also benefit from health regeneration.
  10. Defeat the Umbral to continue the battle against the Lightreaper.

The Bottom Line

You have to battle against the Lightreaper thrice if you get defeated during the second encounter.

Eventhough Lightreaper is a tutorial boss, the enemy is extremely difficult to come against.

After defeating the Lightreaper, you will receive the Vestige seed, Umbral Scouring, Lightreaper flesh and Lightreaper Umbral parasite.

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