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How to Find Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring?

Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring is a type of exclusive and rare accessory. 

 The Prestigious Soul Link can boost your survival rate in combat.

Remnant 2 Soul Link Ring is definitely one of the best Rings players can extract. Thanks to its immense survivability feature, the Ring can add 5% Lifesteal in all of the battles. Players can find the Soul Link in either Yeasha – The Expanding Glade or on Kaeula’s Rest.  

Continue exploring to extract the location and find the usage of the Ring in Remnant 2.

Soul Link Ring is accessory or Ring players can find in Remnant 2.

Moreover, the Soul Link is probably one of the best Rings out of 135 rings.

Thanks to the Ring’s outstanding survivability feature, it can add up to 5  health Percentage of life steal. 

Furthermore, the summoned life steal damage dealt comes back to the wearer as the health. 

The 5% lifesteal boasts all the fight against powerful enemies and bosses.

In Contrast, the Ring gives you a more significant advantage in all of the combats. 

In Remnant 2, players can equip four Rings at once to increase their chances of winning the battle.

All the Rings in Remnant 2 have different features and are found in different Dungeons depending upon the rarity. 

As The Soul Link is one of the prestigious and rarest rings in Remnant 2, locating it is pretty tricky.

In Contrast, Many Players are still in the Game’s early stages; hence, they cannot track the Soul Link Ring.

However, they still have found other Rings; unfortunately, they do not have a 5% lifesteal feature, unlike Soul Link. 

The Soul Link can be found in two locations in Remnant 2

Among them, one is the Yaseha, and another is Kauelas’s Reset.

Yaesha is one of the four-end pints of the earth, including Losomn, Labyrinth and Root Earth. 

Among all the locations, Players can also find different dungeons, fight enemies and bosses and extract precious items like Soul Link Ring.

Follow the procedure to find out the exact location of the Ring in Remnant;

  1. Visit the Yeasha end-point location if players have access.
  2. Head towards the Forest location corrupted by Root called The Withering Weald
  3. Inside the Withering Weald, go towards The Nameless Nest, which Mother Mind inhabits.
  4. Extract one of the Largest cities of the pan named The Forgotten Field
  5. Head towards the vibrant location filled with potent enemies called The Expanding Glade.
Heading towards the Expanding Glade location.
  1. Defeat all the potent enemies, and grab all the rewards, including The Soul Link Ring.
Soul Link Ring remnant 2
Extracting the Soul Link Ring from the Expanding Glade.

Furthermore, if players are lucky enough, they can locate the Soul Ring from a Random airdrop in Yeasha. 

If the players are unable to extract Soul Link in Yeasha-The Expanding Glade, they can still search for the precious item in the Kauela’s Reset. 

Moreover, Kauela’s Reset is the home to a Pan Demigod, which is inhabited by a stronger boss called Root

Players can kill Root and different other bosses; they can hopefully find the Soul Rink to add a 5% lifesteal against the enemies. 

The Bottom Line

The Soul Link is one of the rarest Ring players can extract on Remnant 2.

Further, the Ring boasts the fight against potent enemies and increases the player’s survivability rate, thanks to its 5% Lifesteal feature. 

Players can locate the Ring in either Yaesha – The Expanding Glade or Kauela’s Rate. 

Hopefully, all the players will find and equip the prestigious Ring in inventory to win the battles against stronger enemies.

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