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Upgrade Health Potions: Art Of Enhancing Health In Lords Of The Fallen

You can upgrade and increase health potions by finding Saintly Quintessences and bringing them to Pieta in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen have various items, from consumables and quest items to Runes, providing players a significant advantage in battles.

Health Potions in Lords of the Fallen help your character restore their health. You can upgrade them by finding Saint Quintessences, bringing them to Pieta, and using your Sanguinarix to heal.

Continue reading more about Health Potions, how to upgrade them, and their benefits in Lords of the Fallen.

What Is Health Potions In Lords Of The Fallen?

Health Potions are like your character’s lifeline that helps them regain their health.

Some enemies can deal much damage, essential for staying alive in the game.

However, they are found throughout the game and can be purchased from merchants.

Press the X button on your controller to use a health potion.

Moreover, you can assign health potions to a quick slot to use them quickly during battle.

Tips For Using Health Potions

Here are some tips for using the health potions effectively:

  1. Health potions are valuable resources, so use them when needed; don’t waste them on minor injuries.
  2. Try to use them when you are out of sight of enemies, as this will give you time to heal.
  3. Even though enemies surround you, you can use health potions and roll away to create distance.
  4. Likewise, you can also use it while you are blocking, as this will allow you to heal without getting interrupted.

Benefits Of Upgrading Health Potions

Some of the benefits of upgrading health potions are:

  1. Upgraded health potions will restore more of your character’s health with each use.
  2. It will increase the number of potions you can carry, giving you more chances to heal yourself.
  3. Moreover, upgraded health potions will also help you heal more quickly.
  4. It can increase the survivable rate and make the game easier to progress.
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How To Upgrade Health Potions In Lords Of The Fallen?

Following these steps can help you upgrade your health potions in Lords of the Fallen:

1. Find Saintly Quintessences

Saintly Quintessences are rare items you can find throughout the game in a variety of places, such as:

  • Defiled Sepulchre
  • Sanctuary of Baptism
  • Forsaken Fen
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge
  • Lower Calrath

In addition to these places, some powerful animals, such as Tyrants, Bosses, and Certain Elite enemies, can also drop them.

If you are struggling to find them, you can also purchase them.

saint quintessences in defiled sepulchre
Searching for Saint Quintessences in Defiled Sepulchre.

2. Bring Saintly Quintessences To Pieta

Pieta is a character who can be found in the Skyrest.

Skyrest is a hub area you can access from any checkpoint in the game.

She is the one who sells you healing potions and other items.

Moreover, to upgrade your Sanguinarix, you must bring her Saintly Quintessences.

pieta sells you healing potions
Pieta sells you healing potions and other items.

3. Upgrade Your Saintly Quintessences

Once you have brought Pieta enough Saintly Quintessences, she will upgrade your Sanguinarix.

This will increase the number of charges your Sanguinarix has and the health it restores.

The first upgrade will increase the number of charges from 3 to 4; the amount of health restores to 67%.

The second upgrade will increase the number of charges to 5. Likewise, the amount of health restores from 33% to 50%.

The first upgrade will increase the number of charges to 6. Furthermore, the amount of health restores to 83%.

The first upgrade will increase the number of charges to 7. Hence, the amount of health restores to 100%.

Contrarily, you need to find Empty Bottles to increase the number of potions you can carry.

4. Use Your Sanguinarix To Heal

Repeat steps 2 and 4 until your Sanguinarix is fully upgraded. However, you can only upgrade it up to 4 times.

After upgrading your Sanguinarix, you can then use it to heal yourself.

Therefore, press the [Triangle] button on your Playstation controller or the [Y] button on your Xbox.

The Bottom Line

Health Potions are like magical drinks that can restore your character’s health when it is low.

Hence, the more you upgrade your health potions, the more health they will restore and the more of them you will be able to carry.

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