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Lucky Compass Challenge In HSR: Unlock Your Fortunes

The Lucky Compass Challenge is a minigame within HSR where three rings spin at varying speeds and directions.

The challenge also serves as a testament to the player’s skill and perseverance.

The Lucky Compass Challenge in HSR features three spinning rings, each with distinct speeds and paths which players aim to stop precisely at designated intervals. They align them with specific target zones to accumulate points and unlock the concealed achievement called Wheel of Destiny.

Continuer reading to learn more about the Lucky Compass Challenge and how to complete it in HSR.

Lucky Compass Challenge In HSR

The Lucky Compass Challenge represents a refined minigame, consisting of 3 spinning rings.

Each of these rings includes distinct speeds and paths, requiring skilled manipulation to come to a precise stop at designated intervals.

The primary objective is to align these rings accurately with predetermined target zones.

In this challenge, you not only have to accumulate points but also place the player in the opinion for the esteemed grand prize.

Upon successful completion, this noteworthy achievement reveals the concealed Wheel of Destiny.

grants you five stellar jades
Wheel of Destiny is an achievement that grants you five stellar jades.

Jades are a highly sought-after in-game currency crucial for enhancing both characters and ships.

Furthermore, the Wheel of Destiny transcends its symbolic role.

It stands as a definitive testament to the player’s mastery of the nuances embedded within the minigame.

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How To Complete Lucky Compass Challenge In HSR?

Here are some tips for you to make it easier to complete the Lucky Challenge quickly in HSR:

1. Navigating The Rings

Imagine three concentric rings, each spinning at their impulses.

You control their momentum, aiming to stop them precisely so they align with designated target zones.

  • Inner Ring: It spins clockwise with two dotted indicators or guiding lights. Stop it when one light falls within the target zone for maximum points.
  • Middle Ring: It spins counterclockwise with four luminous indicators. Aim for the zone two spaces before the final dot for perfect alignment.
  • Outer Ring: It moves clockwise with a single dot. Stop it one space before the zone for a graceful alignment.

2. Mastering Timing

You have to practice stopping each ring at the correct moment, using visual cues like dotted indicators.

However, avoid overshooting or undershooting, as precision is crucial for maximizing points.

Moreover, prioritize targets as each target zone offers varying point values.

So, focus on stopping the fastest ring first, followed by the middle and outer rings to maximize your score.

stop each ring at precise moments
You have to stop each ring at precise moments, aligning them with specific target zones.

3. Dice Selection

Likewise, you need to choose the dice strategically.

Stop Delay dice can buy you precious extra seconds whereas Compass Speed Up dice help you catch up with a slow-moving ring.

Moreover, consider the impact of available dice options based on your chosen difficulty level.

Hence, experiment to find the dice combination that complements your strategy.

4. Claiming The Grand Prize

The ultimate reward for conquering the Lucky Compass Challenge is the grand prize.

Additionally, achieving this unlocks the hidden achievement Wheel of Destiny.

This grants you 5 Stellar Jades, which is a valuable currency for character and ship enhancement.

Therefore, the Wheel of Destiny isn’t just a badge as it symbolizes your mastery of the minigame.

The Bottom Line

The Lucky Compass Challenge provides an immersive gaming experience that rewards skill and perseverance.

However, the goal is to stop each ring at precise moments, aligning them with specific target zones to accumulate points.

Additionally, do not forget to factor in the individual ring speeds when calculating your stopping points.

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