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How To Get Abyss Beacon In Warframe?

Abyss Beacon is one of the interesting updates in the Abyss of Dagath in Warframe.

Without it, players won’t find their way to unique missions like the Abyssal Zone.

You can get Abyss Beacons in Warframe by reaching Rank 2 standing with main Syndicates like Arbiters of Hexis, Steel Meridian, or New Loka and then purchasing them for 5,000 Standing each.

Continue reading more about acquiring Abyss Beacons and ensuring your Warframe adventures in the Abyss.

What Is An Abyss Beacon In Warframe?

An Abyss Beacon is a special item in the Abyss of Dagath update for Warframe.

It serves as a key that allows players to access the Abyssal Zone mission on Ceres.

Without an Abyss Beacon in your inventory, the Abyssal Zone node will not appear on the navigation map.

This mission features enemies from the depths below Ceres.

abyss beacon warframe
You can access the Abyssal Zone node on the navigation map.

Completing this mission rewards players with Vainthorn which is a new rare resource in the Abyss update.

Vainthorn is a crucial component in crafting the new Warframe Dagath and her signature weapon.

So in summary, the Abyss Beacon acts as a ticket that unlocks access to new mission types, enemies and rewards.

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Use Of Abyss Beacon In Warframe

Abyss Beacons have a single purpose to allow players to start the Abyssal Zone mission on Ceres.

Each time a player wishes to run the mission, they must have an Abyss Beacon in their inventory.

The beacon will be consumed immediately upon completing the mission.

So while the beacon grants access to the mission, it is a one-time-use item.

Abyssal Zone mission on Ceres.
Abyss Beacons allow players to start the Abyssal Zone mission.

Players who want to continue farming Vainthorn from Abyssal Zone runs must acquire more Abyss Beacons.

They cannot replay the mission without possessing another beacon.

It essentially works as a consumable key that is necessary to unlock and replay the mission for rewards.

Players cannot efficiently farm for Vainthorn and the new Dagath content without the Abyss beacons.

Getting Abyss Beacon In Warframe

One primary way for players to obtain Abyss Beacon is through Syndicate offerings.

Firstly, a player should reach Rank 2 for Abyss Beacons to become available for purchase.

Here is how you can get the Abyss Beacon through Syndicate offerings:

  • Also, players must first select the Syndicate they have pledged to from the Syndicate menu.
  • Then, navigate to the Offerings tab.
  • Here, players can acquire Abyss Beacons for a fixed price of 5,000 Standing each.

Since Standing income is limited each day, players may only be able to buy 1-2 Beacons per day.

Moreover, this depends on their Standing accumulation rate.

Higher Standing tiers that unlock at Rank 4 and above with a Syndicate will provide discounts on Beacon prices. 

ceres abyss warframe
Higher Standing tiers will provide discounts on Beacon prices.

But the core process is to earn Standing through daily Syndicate missions and rewards, then spend it on Abyss Beacons.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the Abyss Beacon is a crucial item to unlock access to new mission types.

It allows players to run the exclusive Abyssal Zone on Ceres, consuming one beacon per mission completion.

Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you are able to get the Abyss Beacon in Warframe.

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