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What Does Marbled Gohma Leg Fuse Do In Totk?

Marbled Gohma is the insectoid Monsters in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is covered with the armor of rocks.

Players can get various rewards after defeating Marbled Gohma, including Marbled Gohma Leg and a treasure chest.

Marbled Gohma Leg Fuse provides a weapon buff of 38% when the weapon is fused with Marbled Gohma Leg. Furthermore, it provides a shield bonus when Fused with the Shield.

Please continue reading to explore more about the Marbled Gohma Leg, how you can obtain it, and fuse it with different weapons and shields.

What Is A Marbled Gohma Leg Fuse?

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom A level 50 Marbled Gohma boss drops the rare Marbled Gohma Leg fuse.

The Marbled Gohma Leg is a large, dark-colored leg with sharp spikes.

Marbled Gohma Leg
Marbled Gohma Leg is a rare item that is located at Depth Dungeon.

Additionally, you can fuse any weapons and shields with it.

However, defeating the Marbled Goham has not been easy for the players.

How To Get A Marbled Gohma Leg?

Players find the Marbled Gohma Leg Fuse in the depths of the game in Totk.

Depths means a dungeon in the western part of the game world.

Marbled gohma
Marbled Gohma is found in the depth of a large dungeon in TotK.

Additionally, players can find the Marbled Gohma in the Fire Temple even before they go through the depth.

Marbled Gohma, like other Gohmas, have a single eye that acts as a weak point.

Gohma eye
Link running towards the big eye to destroy it.

Players can target the eyes to defeat the Marbled Gohma.

Furthermore, the Marbled Gohma’s legs are its weak points.

Link, the game’s protagonist must use Yunobo’s power of Fire to break the legs.

Breaking two of its legs will stun the Marbled Gohma, allowing you to finish it.

However, according to some sources, the chance of getting a Marbled Gohma Leg Fuse is 5%.

Here are some tips which you can use to get the Marbled Gohmas Leg.

  • Using Lucky Charm: It increases the chances of getting rare Items.
  • Fight the boss at a higher level: The higher the level, the better the reward.

The usability of this rare item only shines when a Marbled Gohmna fuse with a potent weapon or a shield suiting your playstyle.

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What Are The Fusion Effect Of Marbled Gohma Legs?

Marbled Gohma Legs are one of the materials that you can use for fusion to create new effects and abilities.

Players are provided with the 38% bonus damage on their weapons.

Similarly, this bonus becomes useful when players are fighting with higher-level monsters.

Players are given with shield advantage when Marbled Gohma Fuse with the shields.

Additionally, players can deal with the damage even while they are praying.

However, the amount of damage dealt depends on the shield’s strength.

The Bottom Line

The Marbled Gohma Leg item allows players to upgrade weapons according to their playstyle.

Moreover, players can use the rare Marbled Gohma Leg fuse to create powerful weapons and shields.

It makes a valuable asset for those looking to improve their chances of defeating difficult enemies.

Hopefully, this article helps you to clear all doubts about the Marbled Gohma Leg item and the reason behind the fusion with other equipment.

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