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Can’t Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village – Tips And Tricks

The Ruffian Infested Village side quest is one of the popular side quests in TotK.

In addition, the quest challenges the player to locate the final monster in Lurelin Village, which is not an easy task.

Don’t worry, we have some tips and tricks to help you find the last monster and complete the quest.

Players can’t find the last Monster at Lurelin Village because it hides inside a well close to the village entrance. This well is easy to miss because it resembles a chimney or steam vent.

This article will guide you to find the last Monster in Tears of the Kingdom, a quest that takes place in Lurelin Village.

Where Is Lurelin Village?

The Lurelin Village is located in the southeastern corner of the East Neclida region of Hyrule.

The coordinate for the Lurelin Village is 2829, -3341, and 0042

Luren Village
Players can complete the Ruffian Infested Village quest in TotK.

Players must complete a side quest Ruffian Infested Village to unlock the point of interest and other business in Lurelin Village.

What Is Ruffian Infested Village Side Quest?

Ruffian Infested Village is a monster-invasion quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

The quest involves defeating all the monsters in the Lurenlin Village to complete it.

Furthermore, they are scattered across the beach and the ship in the bay.

However, if the player dies during the quest, all the monsters will respawn with their full health.

Here is a list of locations to find all the Monsters in Luren Village.

  1. Entrance: Players can find the enemies as they enter the village and head left toward the well.
Can't Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village
Players can find the monster at the left side of the entrance of Lurelin Village.
  1. Pirate Ship: Players can locate the large ship at the center of the bay, where they can find a formidable enemy called Boss Bokoblin.
Pirate ship monster
Pirate ship where the player has to face Boss Bokoblin Monster.
  1. East of the Bay: Another place is at the lower part of the village, on the right-hand side of the bay.
Can't Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village
Players can find some groups of monsters on the right side of the pirate ship.
  1. Mayor’s house: You’ll find the next mob northwest of the boat and bay, near the old mayor’s house.
Can't Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village
Hord of Monster dancing at the boat side in Lurelin Village in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
  1. Last Monster: Lastly, the last mob location is tricky, and most players have difficulty finding it.
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Where To Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village?

The last Monster in Lurelin Village is a Bokoblin.

You can find hiding in the well near the village entrance. 

Here is the step to finding the last Monster in Lurelin Village.

  1. Go to the entrance of Lurelin Village.
Can't Find The Last Monster In Lurelin Village
Link waving at the entrance of the Lurelin Village.
  1. Then, look for the well with smoke coming out.
Smoky Well
Smoke is coming out of the well, which looks like a chimney.
  1. Now, climb down well and use the paraglider to descend safely.
Getting into the Well
Preparing Link to get into the well to fight the last Monster in Lurelin Village.
  1. You will find the Bokoblin at the bottom of the well.
Last Mob
Last Monster Bokoblin is a weak monster that can be easily defeated.

Furthermore, the player can also use Sheikan Slate if they are having trouble finding well.

The Bokoblin inside well should be easy to defeat since they don’t have another monster to back up.

Upon reaching the village, players receive an objective at the top of their screen stating, Occupiers of Lurenlin Village – Monster Force.

The player mainly needs the quest to open a village for business and get another follow-up quest, Lurelin Village Restoration Project.

The reward for completing the quest is a monster part, an inn stay, and tasty meals.

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The Bottom Line

Finding the last monster in Lurelin Village can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, but it is not impossible

Hopefully, this article helps you locate and defeat the sneaky Bokoblin hiding in the well.

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