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Omni Man Not Working In MK1: Is He Still Locked?

Omni-Man is the first Kombatant available to play in the early access from 9th November in MK1.

Players are facing the issue of Omni-Man not working in MK1 in the early access even after buying the Kombat DLC pack.

Omni Man is not working even after purchasing the Kombat DLC pack, causing frustration for players. However, you can simply unlock him after downloading him in the Add-on section in your game settings.

Continue reading to learn more about Omni-man in Mk1, why he is not working and how to unlock him.

Who Is Omni Man In MK1?

Omni Man is one of the DLC guest characters added to the premium edition of MK1 for everyone who owns the Kombat DLC pack. 

You can play as Omni Man one week early if you have early access to the game.

He has extremely powerful abilities to kill humans and superpowered creatures and humans.

Moreover, his moves and fight style are inspired from the comic animated show.

Omni Man in MK1
Omni Man is a guest DLC character introduced in the premium edition of MK1.

Further, Omni Man has a healing factor that makes him unaffected by most attacks.

Also, with his super-speed ability, he can ambush and attack enemies in just an instance.

Additionally, you can purchase Omni-Man as a standalone release on November 16th, 2023.

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Why Is Omni Man Not Working In Mk1?

Players were excited to play Omni Man in the early release of the game, however, Omni Man is still locked.

The Omni-man may not work because you may not have the premium edition early access.

For the Omni man to work, you should purchase the DLC pack. 

Omni man not working in Mk1.
Omni Man is locked even after purchasing the Kombat DLC pack.

However, even if you have purchased the entire Kombat pack, omni man may not work due to some glitches and bugs.

This issue is causing frustration among players as they are discussing it on forums and Reddit.

In this case, you should wait for the patch and updates to solve this issue.

How To Unlock Omni Man?

There is no fixed solution to this issue yet, however, you can try restarting and re-logging into your system.

Further, the solution mentioned below seems to work for many players for PS5 and Xbox to Unlock Omni Man in Mortal Kombat.

If you are facing an Omni-Man locked issue even after you have a Kombat pack, you can unlock him with simple steps:

1. For PS5

  • Go to your PS5 Home screen.
  • Scroll down to the Ads-On section.
  • Download Omni-Man.

The Omni-man is available for free download in the section if you have the DLC pack.

After you click the download button, Omni-man will be unlocked and available to play.

Further, you can download him directly from the PlayStation store.

2. For Xbox

To unlock Omni-man in MK1, you need first to restart the Xbox and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go To ‘My Games and Apps‘.
  • Hover over to Mortal Kombat 1.
  • Press the three lines on your controller.
  • Click on Manage Game and Add-on.
  • Click on Mortal Kombat 1.
  • Scroll down to Downloadable add-ons.

Then, you can add Omni-man by checking the mark and saving your changes.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Omni Man not working is causing inconvenience to players wanting to play the game’s early access.

You can download Omni Man from the add-ons section if you have purchased the Kombat DLC pack.

Further, if this fix doesn’t work for you, you must wait for the game’s official patch to bring the solution.

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