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How To Unlock Tremor In MK1?

Tremor is a new Kameo character in the DLC bundle alongside Omniman in MK1.

 He is not part of the base game, so players are puzzled about how to unlock him.

Players of MK1 are unable to unlock Tremor currently. This is because the DLC with his content is unavailable to the players until next week. However, the first portion of the DLC containing Omniman is already available to the players.

This article discusses whether Tremor is locked and ways to unlock him in MK1.

Who Is Tremor In MK1?

Tremor is a new character coming to MK1 capable of geokinesis, and his physical appearance matches his abilities.

Furthermore, Tremor is also a ninja similar to Sub Zero and Scorpion. He wears similar clothing but has a rather dull colour palette.

Tremor officially debuted as a non-playable character in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.

However, he became an official playable character in Mortal Kombat X.

But, even in Mortal Kombat X, to obtain Tremor, players had to pay for a DLC containing the character.

Tremor harnesses the power of the earth to defeat his adversaries thoroughly.

Skills With Tremor

Players can expect to use some of the following skills with Tremor:

  • Ground Pulse
  • Rock Toss
  • Rolling Stone
  • Stone Punch
  • Stone Shatter

His fatalities include skills like Stone Tomb and Stalag-Might.

Furthermore, the above-mentioned list and fatalities are not Tremor’s only skills.

There are more skills that players can expect to use when playing as Tremor.

However, the above-mentioned skills have made multiple appearances alongside Tremor in the past.

Unlock kameo character Tremor Mk1
Tremor is a new DLC Kameo character in MK1.
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Is Tremor Locked In MK1?

Yes! Tremor is currently locked for the players in MK1.

Some players can find Omniman and Tremor in their character selection UI.

Players are reporting that they can access either Omniman or Tremor at times.

However, most players report not accessing any of the aforementioned characters.

Furthermore, players are also noticing that both Omniman and Tremor are locked for them.

This is because the patch for Tremor is unavailable, but the patch for Omniman is already in the game.

If players find that Tremor is locked for them, it is because the patch is yet to be available to all players.

Furthermore, if there are players with Tremor available, it is due to a bug that the developers are patching out.

Unlock omniman and tremor in new DLC
New DLC brings Omniman and Tremor to MK1.

How To Unlock Tremor In MK1?

In MK1, Tremor is a Kameo character that players can unlock and have in their team.

However, there is no news on how to unlock his kameo in MK1/ Mortal Kombat 1.

Furthermore, Tremor is a part of the DLC that the developers plan to release on November 16.

However, one DLC content is released a week ahead, on November 9, alongside Omniman.

This is causing quite the uproar in the community, and players are questioning why both characters cannot be available on the same day.

Thus, if the players plan to invest their time to obtain the Kameo character Tremor, they must wait a week more after Omniman releases.

The Bottom Line

The availability of characters in Mortal Kombat can make a huge difference.

This is mainly because some characters synergize with each other really well.

Thus, when the developers release a character, players are more than eager to get their hands on it and test the character out.

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