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Monopoly Go Leftover Hearts: Valentine’s Day Partners Event

In Monopoly Go, players have been wondering what will happen to the leftover hearts from the recent Partners Event.

Furthermore, this event is the Valentine’s Partners event, which ran from February 9 to 14, 2024.

Moreover, if there are any leftover hearts from the Partners Event then it will be converted into money.

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What Are Leftover Hearts In Monopoly Go?

Leftover Hearts are the Hearts that you collected during the Valentine’s Day Partners Event but did not use to redeem any rewards.

You can see how many Hearts you have by tapping on the Heart icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Valentines Partners Event
Valentine’s Partners Events in Monopoly Go.

The Hearts are only valid during the event period, and you cannot use them for anything else.

However, they are not wasted, as they will be converted into something else after the event is over.

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How To Get Hearts In Monopoly Go?

There are several ways to get hearts in Monopoly Go, especially during the Valentine’s Partners event.

Here are some of them:

1. Game Board

You can find hearts on the game board, which will give you more hearts according to the size of your multiplier.

This is an easy way to get them, but not the most efficient in terms of the number of dice you will use.

2. Free Reward

You can collect a free reward from the shop every eight hours.

As part of the reward package, you may receive hearts at times.

To access the shop, tap on the three lines at the top of the game, then scroll right until you see the eight-hour reward.

3. Quick Wins

Another good way to get hearts is by completing the daily quick wins.

The quick wins are easy to complete, such as rolling a certain number of dice or landing on a certain property.

Roll a certain number of dice
Get hearts by rolling a certain number of dice.

4. Tournaments

Every day or every two days, there is a new tournament where you can compete with other players for prizes.

While the Valentine’s Partners event was running, some of the tournaments gave you free hearts.

You can check the current tournaments by tapping on the trophy icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

5. Milestone Events

Every two to four days, there is a new main event, which is listed in the front and center of the game board.

Some of the milestones in the main events gave you free hearts.

You can check the current main events by tapping on the banner at the top of the game board.

Milestone events
Complete milestone events to get more hearts.

6. Free Hearts

Sometimes, the developers of Monopoly Go will share free Hearts links on their social media pages or websites.

You can follow them to get notified of these links and claim them before they expire.

What Happens To The Leftover Hearts In Monopoly Go?

If you have any leftover hearts after the Valentine’s Partners event ends, you will not lose them.

Instead, they will be converted into a reward of dice, money, or a mixture of both.

However, the amount of the reward will depend on how many hearts you have and how much they are worth.

You can claim the reward by tapping on the heart icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Also, you should use hearts during the event, as the rewards from the event are more valuable than the conversion reward.

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