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Limited Matchmaking Status In MW3: Possible Causes

MW3 players are complaining about their accounts being in a Limited Matchmaking state in online forums.

Furthermore, the Limited Matchmaking issue in MW3 is creating a buzz all over the internet.

In MW3, your account will be in a Limited Matchmaking state if you are found guilty of violating the terms and conditions of the game. Hence, to avoid this, you must follow the community guidelines, use authorized software, and play fairly.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Limited Matchmaking in Mw3.

An Overview Of Limited Matchmaking In MW3

Recently, the Limited Matchmaking issue in MW3 has been a hot topic in the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Many players are unhappy with Limited Matchmaking issues as it prevents them from having fun.

However, if a player’s account is in a Limited Matchmaking state means he/she has violated the policy of the game.

Limited Matching state due to possible violation
Account in Limited Matching in MW3 state due to possible violation.

Players mention that instead of getting unbanned after review, their account goes directly into the Limited Matchmaking state in Mw3.

Hence, it is possible that your account status may also get changed to a temporary or permanent ban.

So, you need to check periodically to see if your status clears or has been banned again.

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Limited Matchmaking In MW3: Causes 

Limited Matchmaking is the restriction in MW3 which does not allow you to find and connect with other players for online multiplayer matches.

Accounts get the Limited Matchmaking state when accounts in this state may be matched with others in a similar state.

Moreover, players become victims of the issue when they team up with a player who is already in this state.

Hence, your account will get into the normal matchmaking status anytime. 

Unfortunately, the exact time when the account will exit the Limited matchmaking state is not informed in MW3.

However, if you were unfairly banned for being on GFN or for any other reason appeal your shadow ban on the Activision support website.

getting restricted for using GFN for cod
Players complaining on Reddit getting at this state for using GFN for COD.

What To Do To Avoid Your Account From Being In This State?

Your account may be in a Limited Matchmaking state due to a potential violation.

Here are some ways that you can follow to avoid your account from being in the Limited Matchmaking state.

1. Respect Community Guidelines

Players must follow the community guidelines set by the game developers of MW3.

Since any form of cheating or violation of the policy may result in the Limited Matchmaking status of your account.

So, make sure to play considering the game’s rules and guidelines.

2. Understand Terms of Service

To avoid any potential penalties or issues like Limited Matchmaking, familiarize yourself with the game’s terms of service.

However, violating the Terms of Service can result in penalties, including shadow banning and Limited Matchmaking.

3. Play Fair

Avoid using unauthorized software or spoofing to hide the identity of your hardware devices.

Thus, you must not use any unsupported devices or any features that provide an unfair advantage.

4. Avoid Involvement With A Player In This State

If you suspect that any other player’s account facing restrictions, consider playing in solo mode or private matches.

Involvement with them may increase the risk of facing consequences, so stay away from them.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, your account will be in a Limited Matchmaking state in MW3 if you violate the game policy.

You might have to wait for a long time once your account gets in this state.

So, make sure to follow the community guidelines to stop getting your account in this state.

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