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Explore Everything About Mulgore Bird Meat In WoW

Many World of Warcraft fans are curious about Mulgore Bird Meat, which is an item players must loot from Swoop to get the Tauren.

Moreover, this meat is part of acquiring the Rune of Flanking in World of Warcraft.

Mulgore Bird Meat is placed as bait near a mountain cat’s dwelling and is looted from Swoop. Moreover, this bird meat is a key to get Tauren.

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Mulgore Bird Meat In WoW SOD

Mulgore is a plain zone located in central Kalimdor which is accessible only through the southeast.

Moreover, Swoop is s accessible only through a pass to the southeast in WoW and is usually found wandering around this plain.

In addition, Mulgore is the starting zone for the Tauren, surrounded by mountains on all sides.

Mulgore Bird Meat is an item that players can obtain from birds in the Mulgore region.

Mulgore Bird Meat.
Mulgore Bird Meat is placed as bait near a mountain cat’s residence.

Thus, Mulgore Bird Meat is the level 1 item that holds the key to make it to Tauren.

Hence, players must rob Vultures while venturing through the World of Warcraft.

Moreover, players need this item in World of Warcraft to acquire the Flanking Strike to attack in tandem.

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How To Get Mulgore Bird Meat In WoW?

If you’re looking for bird meat, you can find it by hunting Swoop in World of Warcraft.

Moreover, Swoop is a large, gigantic, flightless bird that roams around the Mulgore.

Hence, here are some locations in Mulgore where you can find Swoop and obtain Mulgore Bird Meat. 

1. Mulgore Plains

Players need to watch throughout the central and southern areas of the Mulgore to find the Mulgore bird.

Thus, it will be beneficial if you try to look for them while exploring the landscape in the Mulgore zone.

2. Bloodhoof Village

In WoW, Bloodhoof Village is a central hub for the Tauren race with deep shamanistic roots and are longtime resident of Kalimdor.

In addition, players may find Swoop in Bloodhoof Village by searching through the outskirts of the village.

3. Barrens

Barrens in World of Warcraft is a large zone, massive savanna in central Kalimdor and is controlled mostly by the horde.

However, players must explore this massive savanna for Mulgore Bird Meat.

4. Red Cloud Mesa

Red Cloud Mesa is located in the southeastern part of Mulgore which contains a variety of wildlife. 

Thus, players must explore the mesa to find and hunt Mulgore Bird.

5. The Main City

Sometimes, Swoop can be found on the outskirts of Thunder Bluff, the main city of the Tauren.

Hence, check the areas surrounding the city for these birds.

Tauren Flanking Strike Rune: How To Get It?

Flanking Strike is a hunter talent that a player obtains after killing Swoops and Plainstriders.

Moreover, it is a Hunter Rune in WoW Classic Season of Discovery that can be engraved on the Legs slot.

About Flanking Strike.
Players discussing Flanking Strike on online forums.

In addition, players must follow some steps as described below to get this Rune.

  1. Firstly, players must loot Birds in Mulgore and then go to the north end of Bloodhoof Village.
  2. After that, go directly to the west of Bloodhoof village, a central hub for the Tauren race.
Bloodhoof Village
Players may find Swoop in Bloodhoof Village, a central hub for the Tauren.
  1. Along the wall of the zone, there will be a patch of trees with a carcass, track the beast nearby which points you to the location.
  2. You need to use the meat near the carcass and kill the rare that spawns.
  3. Now, players will get the Flanking Strike rune.

The Bottom Line

In World of Warcraft, Swoops is one of the NPCs in WoW that can be found in Mulgore.

In addition, players can acquire Mulgore Bird Meat, the level 1 item looting the Swoop.

However, players will be able to reach Tauren in World of Warcraft after obtaining this meat in Mulgore.

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