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Persona 3 Reload: Muttering Tiara Weakness

The Muttering Tiara is a fearsome shadow that appears in “Persona 3 Reload”.

It looks like a floating crown studded with gems, expressing regality and grandeur.

During the battle with Arcana Priestess, two slightly more powerful versions of Muttering Tiara will be summoned.

Continue to learn about Muttering Tiara and its weakness in Persona 3 Reload.

What Is Muttering Tiara?

In terms of powers, the Muttering Tiara is noted for its powerful magic assaults.

There are no special physical assault strengths or weaknesses.

However, the Muttering Tiara is vulnerable to Wind assaults in  Persona 3 reload.

It is crucial to be wary of the Muttering Tiara’s formidable magical assaults.

Therefore, it is capable of unleashing deadly spells that can do severe damage to the party.

muttering tiara
The appearance of Muttering Tiara in Persona 3 Reload.

Skills Of Muttering Tiara

The Muttering Tiara possesses the following skills:

  1. Agilao: It is a medium fire damage strike that targets a single adversary.
  2. Mudo: The ability to immediately kill one adversary using darkness.
  3. Dia: It is a mild healing spell that restores a tiny amount of health to one ally.
  4. Tarukaja: Boosts one ally’s attack power for three turns.

Understanding the Muttering Tiara’s powers and attributes can help players devise efficient combat strategies.

Players can improve their chances of defeating the Muttering Tiara by utilizing its vulnerability to Wind strikes.

Also, you have to be extra careful of its powerful magical attacks.

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What Is The Weakness Of Muttering Tiara?

The Muttering Tiara in Persona 3 Reload is vulnerable to Wind attacks.

Players can deliberately use this vulnerability to effectively defeat the Muttering Tiara.

muttering tiara stats
Stats of Muttering Tiara.

However, you have to be precise while attacking and defending the attacks of the Muttering Tiara.

By adding personalities and party members with Wind talents, players can exploit the Muttering Tiara’s vulnerability.

Characters With Wind Abilities

In “Persona 3 Reload” numerous characters and personas have wind powers that may be used for combat.

These wind talents are essential for exploiting enemy weaknesses, particularly the Muttering Tiara.

Here’s some information on the characters and personas with wind abilities:

1. Yukari Takaba

Yukari Takeba, a member of SEES (Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad), has wind abilities that may be used in warfare.

In “Persona 3 Reload,” she may use the following wind skills:

  1. Garu does mild Wind damage to one adversary.
  2. Magaru deals mild Wind damage to all opponents.

2. Fortuna

Fortuna is an early Fortune Arcana Persona in “Persona 3 Reload.”

Therefore, this persona provides a good covering for wind and ice damage.

Fortuna is impervious to wind and fire assaults but vulnerable to electric harm.

Thus, the needed Personas for fusing Fortuna are Angel, Silky, and Unicorn.

Although Fortuna is not particularly powerful, she can give vital protection against Wind and Ice damage.

Therefore, it makes her a handy Persona to have early in the game.

3. Other Personas

In addition to Fortuna, there are additional personalities with wind skills that might be useful in battle.

For example, Sarasvati has a talent that allows her to resist wind for three rounds at the start of the combat.

Norn is another persona recognized for its wind-related powers and abilities.

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