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Persona 3 Reload English Or Japanese: Choose Your Voice

Alongside the significant changes, there is an entirely new cast of voice actors in both the English and Japanese Version of Persona 3 Reload.

As many tons of languages are available, players can choose them according to their preferences during gameplay.

However, many players argue that experiencing the Persona series in its original Japanese language provides a more immersive experience.

Continue reading to learn more about Persona 3 Reload English and Japanese versions.

Voice Dub In Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload is an upcoming role-playing video game developed by Atlus and P-Studio.

In this remake, new gameplay additions to the social simulation and role-playing portions of the game will be introduced.

However, this Persona series uses Japanese as its primary language, given that it originates from a Japanese video game company.

When the Persona series is initially released, they are typically in Japanese language.

However, many of them receive English localization, which involves translating the text, language, and other in-game elements.

The choice of dubbing version ultimately rests with the players in Persona games.

Hence, the inclusion of voice dubbing in the Persona series is a significant aspect of its international success.

It adds a layer of depth to the characters, allowing players to connect with them on a more emotional level. 

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New Lead Persona 3 Reload Cast

Persona games are famous for their engaging storylines, and the choice of voice actors plays a crucial role in bringing these elements to life.

However, the upcoming remake of the original Persona 3, introduces a fresh set of voice actors for both the English and Japanese versions.

Some of the lead voice actors in Persona 3 Reload
Some of the lead voice actors in Persona 3 Reload.

Here are some of the new Persona 3 Reload English and Japanese voice actors.

1. Makoto Yuki

Aleks Le is the English dub voice of Makoto Yuki in Persona 3 Reload, and Akira Ishida is the Japanese voice.

However, Aleks Le is a voice actor known for voicing  Zenitsu Agatsuma, Caiman, and Anos Voldigoad.

2. Yukari Takeba

Heather Gonzalez is the English dub voice of Yukari Takeba and Megumi Toyoguchi is the Japanese voice in Persona 3 Reload.

However, Heather Gonzalez is a voice actor famous for voicing Anisse in Fire Emblem, Mineru in The Legend of Zelda, and Elincia.

3. Junpei Iori

The Japanese voice actor Junpei Iori voiced Kosuke Toriumi and Zeno Robinson is the English dub voice.

However, Zeno Robinson features across a ton of TV, anime and games and is famous for voicing Hawks, Golden Guard / Hunter, and Goh.

4. Akihiko Sanada

Alejandro Saab is the English dub voice of Akihiko Sanada in Persona 3 Reload, and Hikaru Midorikawa is the Japanese voice.

However, Alejandro Saab has played Gabimaru in the English dub for the recent series Hell’s Paradise.

English Vs Japanese Version Of Persona 3 Reload

The choice between the English and Japanese versions of Persona 3 Reload, often comes down to personal preferences. 

Players can enjoy the story and gameplay in their preferred language while playing the Persona by changing it.

However, players can change the language by altering the option via the “Change Voice Language” toggle in the setting.

They can set the settings to English and change it to Japanese to make Persona 3 Reload feel more authentic.

Players comparing the Japanese and English Version
Players compare the Japanese and English versions on Reddit.

However, players are unsatisfied with the English Voice Dub in Persone 3 reload.

They love the Japanese version more than the English and value the authenticity of the original language.

Many of them are comparing the new voice actor’s performance to the iconic original.

Some fans initially expressed disappointment and mentioned that they were being forced to play in Japanese.

Moreover, they report that the English voice cast is hilariously diverse compared to the original.

However, fans are expressing their concerns about the change, voicing their disappointment on online forums and Reddit.

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