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How To Fix MW3 Event Tab Missing?

After the recent update, many players have reported the event tab is missing from MW3.

Due to this, players are currently unable to view any in-game events or weekly challenges to participate in.

In MW3, the event tab is missing due to issues with some of the accounts. Players can try to solve this by checking for updates, restarting the game and device, or clearing cache files. Further, if this doesn’t work, wait for developers to fix this issue.

Continue reading to learn more about the event tab missing in MW3 and when will it be resolved.

Is The Event Tab Missing In MW3?

The event tab has been missing in MW3 for at least a week now as the new Christmas event is approaching.

Additionally, the Events tab is supposed to display all of the latest events in the game along with its rewards.

Further, the current event was the Dune event that was released recently where players can earn rewards by gaining XP.

Many players missed the recently released dune event and its rewards due to the event tab missing issue.

Event tab missing in MW3
Players cannot find the event tab in MW3.

Players are really disappointed with this as they are not able to track any event.

Further, the countdown to the holiday event on the battle pass is also missing for some players.

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How To Fix The Event Tab Missing In MW3?

There may be multiple causes that caused this issue such as outdated game versions, corrupted files or bugs in the game.

Besides, here are some possible fixes for this issue:

1. Check Your Account

Some players feel that this is an account-linked issue as the event tab is not showing in one account.

However, after logging in with a different account, the event tab appears on the same device.

So, if the issue persists, you can try creating a new account to see if the events tab appears.

2. Check For Updates

Players should ensure that they have installed the latest version of the game.

Sometimes, outdated versions may have the event tab missing from the menu.

Further, you can go to the game’s settings or the platform’s update section to check for the latest updates.

3. Restart The Game And Console/PC

A simple restart can sometimes fix the bugs and glitches that cause this kind of issue.

You can close the game completely, restart your device and relaunch the game again.

4. Clear Cache Files

Players can clear their browser cache and download cache in Steam settings as the error may exist in some game files.

After making changes to the game settings, please remember to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

When Will The Event Tab Be Back In MW3?

The event tab has been missing for a week now and still, the developers have not acknowledged this problem.

However, players on the Twitter platform are asking the developers to look out to solve it.

The exact date when this will be solved is still unknown but we hope COD comes with the solution as soon as possible.

twitter post about event tab missing
Players discussing the event tab missing issue in MW3.

Further, even if the event is missing, according to some players they can still track the rewards.

You can contact Activision support if you require further assistance or still the event tab missing issue persists.

The Bottom Line

The event tab is missing in MW3 not allowing players to participate in the latest events.

Besides, this may not be a client-side issue, so players may have to wait until developers release new patches.

Players want this issue to be fixed as soon as possible as they don’t want to miss out on the Christmas event.

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