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Dabi’s Inferno: Playing With Fire In My Hero Ultra Rumble

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a free-to-play, 24-player battle royale game based on the popular manga series My Hero Academia.

One of the game’s most intriguing and mysterious characters is Dabi, a villain who can generate blue flames from his body.

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, Dabi is a technical type character, meaning he is best suited for supporting his teammates from a distance. His Quirk is Cremation, which allows him to generate highly destructive blue flames from his body.

Continue to learn more about Dabi, his status, quick skills, and level-up strategy in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

Who Is Dabi In My Hero Ultra Rumble?

Dabi is a powerful villain character with specific abilities and attributes in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

He has the Technical Role, which is special because it allows him to provide a Reload Speed-Up buff to his entire team.

Therefore, his teammates can use their powers more frequently, as this buff helps reduce their abilities’ cooldown time.

Since Dabi is vulnerable to close-range attacks, he needs to support his teammates from a distance.

dabi's information
Dabi’s information; status.

Dabi possesses three Quirk Skills in the game:

1. Arson

This ability lets Dabi throw fireballs from a distance that automatically track down nearby enemies.

It is a user-friendly skill for beginners as it doesn’t require precise aiming.

2. Shadow Fire

He can create rings on the ground that act like traps, which are useful for controlling the battlefield and deterring opponents.

When enemies step into these rings, they take damage.

3. Ring Of Fire

Dabi also can create a large ring of fire around him. This ring was damaged within its range and on its outer rim.

Moreover, it inflicts negative effects on enemies within the range.

The primary use of this ability is for defense, protecting Dabi and his teammates from incoming attacks and projectiles.

dabi's information quirk skills
Dabi possesses three Quirk Skills in the game.
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Strategies To Level Up Dabi In My Hero Ultra Rumble

Following these strategies can effectively level up Dabi regarding damage output and tactical support.

1. Upgrade Arson

Firstly, start by focusing on upgrading Dabi’s Arson Quirk Skill, as it will be your primary source of damage output.

Maximize this skill’s level as soon as possible, as it allows you to deal damage from a distance without the need for precise aiming.

2. Upgrade Ring Of Fire

Your second priority should be upgrading Dabi’s Ring of Fire Quirk Skill, enhancing its effectiveness in battles.

This skill serves as both an offensive and defensive tool that can protect you and your teammates from incoming attacks and projectiles.

Moreover, activating Dabi’s Ring of Fire when Arson is on cooldown provides protection and also buys you time for your ability to recharge.

3. Upgrade Shadow Fire

Upgrading it to around level 4 is generally sufficient, allowing you to place an extra trap.

These traps can be used strategically to damage enemies or control battlefield areas.

Hence, you don’t need to prioritize as highly as the other two Quirk Skills.

The Bottom Line

Dabi is not a tank character, so stay close to your teammates and use your traps and Ring of Fire Quirk to protect yourself.

Ensure you use your Level Up Cards wisely, not wasting on rarely used quirks.

Furthermore, play alongside your teammates, as Dabi’s abilities can be more effective when coordinated with your team’s strategy.

Therefore, communicate with your teammates to maximize the utility of your Quirk Skills and support each other during battles.

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