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Chat With The Nautical Enchantress In Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley recently introduced a new Star Path event, introducing tasks like chatting with the Nautical Enchantress.

However, there are some prerequisites that players must complete to unlock this task in the Star Path.

In Dreamlight Valley, players have to talk with the Nautical Enchantress(Ursula) twice as part of the thirtieth quest in the Star Path event. However, players must unlock and complete twenty-nine tasks as a prerequisite to unlock this task in the game.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Nautical Enchantress quest in Dreamlight Valley.

Nautical Enchantress Quest In Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley is no stranger to new events as they have constantly released new events in the past.

Similarly, they have introduced a new event called the Star Path event, releasing new tasks and quests.

Also, The Star Path is the new winter event that works like a Battle pass in Dreamlight Valley.

Moreover, players can take part in more than fifty quests in the game, unlocking more rewards as they progress.

Introduction to the nautical enchantressquest
Chat with the Nautical Enchantress is the 30th quest of the Star Path event.

One such quest is called “Chat with the Nautical Enchantress” which appears in the 30th quest slot.

Players were concerned online about the identity of the Nautical Enchantress, Ursula(The villainess from The Little Mermaid).

Hence, players must speak with Ursula twice to complete this task as she is the Nautical Enchantress.

However, players must complete all the preceding quests to unlock it during the event as the challenges are progressive.

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How To Unlock The Nautical Enchantress Quest Quicker?

As aforementioned, this quest unlocks quite late in the event as per the design of the task list.

Therefore, players must commit a lot of time during the event to unlock this quest.

Nevertheless, there are some ways in the game for players to unlock it quickly and they are:

  1. Firstly, players must purchase the Premium track option using 2500-3300 Moonstones in the event.
  2. In doing so, players can access six quests at a time compared to the default three quest slots.
  3. Therefore, after choosing this path, players can make twice the progress to unlock the Nautical Enchantress.
  4. Secondly, this quest only unlocks after taking a photo of a demigod’s domicile-the 29th quest.
  5. Additionally, players must learn about the event task list by taking online assistance.
  6. Finally, the last step for players is to commit to the event to unlock this task eventually.

However, they must be alert about new methods to progress quicker that might arise in the future.

Rewards For Completing The Nautical Enchantress Quest

Players can receive many rewards after completing the Nautical Enchantress Quest in the Star Path event.

Firstly, players will receive 20 tokens– an event-exclusive reward after finishing the quest.

Also, players can use these tokens to purchase exclusive outfits or even moonstones from the event shop.

Rewards og Nautical Enchantress
Rewards for completing quests like Nautical Enchantress.

Then, they will unlock the next task called “Pull some “nighttime” weeds” for the 31st quest.

Finally, players will get closer to unlocking the new Ariel Winter Skin after reaching Tier 6 rewards.

However, players might get additional rewards in the future as the event progresses in upcoming updates.

The Bottom Line

The Nautical Enchantress quest is one of many quests that constitute the allure of the Star Path Event.

Nevertheless, players must learn about the identity of the Enchantress to track and interact with her.

Therefore, they should take part in this event and meet the enchantress to unlock more event rewards.

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