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Why Is New Atlantis Ship Vendor Missing?

The New Atlantis ship vendor is a character in the game who sells and repairs ships but is currently missing.

 Players cannot find him due to a game bug or other technical issue.

The missing ship vendor in New Atlantis could be due to a game bug, storyline progression, player actions, spawn problems, or it might be related to game updates. Troubleshooting and checking for updates are good steps to take if you encounter this issue.

Continue reading to explore how to find the New Atlantis Ship Vendor and why he is missing.

What Is The New Atlantis Ship Vendor?

The shipping vendor in New Atlantis is a character who sells and fixes ships.

They are usually found near your ship, standing next to a small kiosk with a screen.

You can buy new ships, get ship repairs, and upgrade your ship from this vendor.

If you can’t find them, try looking around your landing area.

Some players have reported that the vendor might have gone missing due to a bug.

And in some cases, they found the shipping vendor in a place called The Den in the Wolf System.

ship vendor
New Atlantis Ship vendor in Jemison.

How To Find The New Atlantis Ship Vendor?

By following these steps, you should easily locate and access the New Atlantis ship vendor in the game:

1. Arrival In New Atlantis

You should initially head to the Jemison Planet in the Alpha Centauri system.

Upon arriving in New Atlantis, go to the landing area where your spaceship is parked.

2. Search The Landing Area

Look around the landing pad for your spaceship in the New Atlantis.

The shipping vendor is usually found in close proximity to your ship.

3. Identify The Vendor Kiosk

Near the ship vendor, a small kiosk typically has a screen.

The vendor is often standing next to or near this kiosk.

4. Approach The Ship Vendor

Walk up to the shipping vendor and interact with them to access their services.

They can help you with ship repairs, sell you new ships, and provide ship upgrades.

5. Purchase Or Repair

You can then choose to buy new ships, upgrade your current ship, or get any necessary ship repairs as per your needs.

Players will find ships such as Rambler, Gaileo, Responder and Shieldbreaker.

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Why Is the New Atlantis Ship Vendor Missing?

The New Atlantis ship vendor might be missing from the game for several reasons.

Here are a few possible explanations for why you cannot find him near the trade kiosk;

1. Game Bug Or Glitch

Sometimes, games have bugs or glitches that can cause NPCs, like the shipping vendor, to disappear unexpectedly.

This is a common issue in video games and may require a patch or update to fix.

2. Story Progression

Certain NPCs may temporarily disappear or become unavailable in some games as you progress through the storyline.

This could intentionally create different gameplay experiences at various points in the game.

3. Player Actions

Occasionally, player actions, such as stealing or attacking NPCs, can lead to NPCs becoming hostile or disappearing.

If the ship vendor was mistreated in the game, they may no longer be available.

4. Random Spawn Issue

There could be a random spawn issue where the ship vendor didn’t spawn correctly in the designated location.

This can happen due to programming errors and may require reloading the game or restarting to resolve.

5. Game Updates Or Patches

Game developers may release updates or patches to address various issues, including NPC disappearance.

Checking for and installing the latest game updates might resolve the problem if it’s a known issue.

The Bottom Line

New Atlantis ship vendor missing issue is that it’s a problem that players have encountered, likely due to game bugs or glitches.

Check for game updates and explore the landing area to resolve the problem and access their services.

Players can use other options, such as Akila City, the Den, the Red Mile, and Paradiso.

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