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How To Get Staff Of Wizardry In New World?

The Staff of Wizardry is one of the quests in the New World.

Moreover, the quest belongs to the main stories and consists of various sub-events.

In Staff of Wizardry, players must look for a staff sign while exploring the Quarry, head towards the sign and later defeat a couple of enemies to collect it. However, if players are experiencing any bugs, try updating the game or wait for a hotfix.

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New World Staff Of Wizardry: Overview

The Staff of Wizardry is one of the quests that unlock after completing Mydrrin’s Fate.

The Sun Funchun, one of the important NPCs in the game, provides the quest.

In the quest, players have to reach a certain point, defeat a couple of enemies and receive a staff.

Completing the Staff Wizardry will grant players the Speaker for the Green mission.

Players will also receive over 6000 experience points, 85000 coins and 15 Ajoth.

Moreover, players will also get an Epic War hammer named Greatpick with almost 84 base damage.

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Completing New World Staff Of Wizardry

If players are finding difficulty in completing The Staff Of Wizardry mission, follow the procedures,

1. Look For A sign

After starting the Staff of Wizardry quest, players should initially explore the Anquann Quarry.

Players will probably find an icon on their screen of the Staff.

new world staff of wizardry
Search for the Staff sign.

While meeting a couple of Isabella’s Excavators on the way, players will see the sign after heading to the railway track.

2. Head Toward The Sign

Players should head towards the track where a few Excavators can be seen mining the rock.

Further, players continue the path until they see a right turn and reach all the way to the Staff sign.

new world staff of wizardry
Reach Towards the sign after taking a right turn from the railway track.

3. Defeat The Enemies

After reaching out to the Staff, the Corrupt will attack the enemies and try to remove the Staff.

Ensure to beat all enemies to progress through, earn a few XP and skill bonuses, and collect the Staff.

New world staff bug
Collect the Staff from the rock.

New World Staff Of Wizardy Bug

After defeating all the enemies, it is still impossible to collect the Staff even after destroying the rocks.

The gameplay and queries from various gaming communities suggest even a single player cannot take the Staff.

Players are stuck for hours and days to collect the Staff are unable to progress through Speaker for the Green mission. 

Even after days of queries and reports, there is still no sign of the bug fix.

Hopefully, the latest update or the upcoming patch will solve the Staff issue in New World.

Till then players can also consult technical support or keep updated on the latest fixes.

The Bottom Line

Succeeding the Staff of Wizardry mission will grant players an exclusive Staff that will boost their skill and provide a significant advantage.

However, many players are unable to collect the legendary Staff due to a major bug from the developers.

This has led many players to become frustrated and quit the game. Hopefully, the staff issue will be solved soon.

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