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Nightingale Faerie Ring: Respawn Portal

The faerie ring in Nightingale is a Portal you can use to respawn back to wherever you have set it up.

Respawning in the location you choose makes the hectic job of traveling very easy and efficient.

However, you will need to build the Faerie ring portal before you fight with any boss.

Read more below to understand in-depth about the Faerie ring, how to use it, and what tools you require to craft it.

Faerie Ring In Nightingale: Magic Portal?

The faerie ring in Nightingale is a portal you can set up to respawn back to it whenever you die.

Nightingale is a survival game with many bosses and dungeons which requires you to have high-tier tools and weapons.

Faerie Ring Nightingale
Faerie Ring can be found under Buildings and then Portal.

However, it is not always possible to craft epic weapons when you’re so early in the game and the boss can kill you like crushing a peanut.

Hence, using the Faerie Ring can give you a fair advantage against the boss or an enemy if set up in the right place.

You can respawn inside the dungeon itself and head back to kill the boss to whom you have already caused enough damage.

Additionally, Faerie Ring also emits a trait called “Creature Suppressed.”

The trait ‘Creature Suppressed’ reduces aggressive creatures nearby from the influence of humans. 

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Respawning Portal Ring: How To Use It?

The Faerie Ring is a very important and useful tool in the game.

Having the ability to spawn you right back at where it is, it will be very useful against boss fights and in dungeons.

However, the placement of the portal has to be very carefully made as it can be destroyed in a single shot by the enemy.

Faerie Ring Nightingale
Place your Faerie Ring portal above if you’re fighting in a dungeon.

Thus, hide your portal where your enemies cannot travel to, or cannot reach.

For example, if you are fighting in a dungeon and the enemy is fighting their ground, make sure you plant the portal above the ground.

If you place the portal near an enemy, they will destroy anything in your presence if you are not detected.

Faerie Ring: How To Craft It?

Building the Faerie Ring is quite simple if you are already familiar with the game,

You will need to gather three distinctive resources: 

  1. Synchronous Lotus x1 
  2. Wood Bundle x4
  3. Stone Block x4

Players can find wood and stones in the surrounding environment; they can chop down trees to produce wood or locate logs scattered across different realms.

Similarly, Stones Blocks can be found near rivers, ponds, or the sea, basically near water basins.

Stone blocks can only be retrieved from smooth rocks that have a substantial size.

However, the most exclusive component is Synchronous Lotus, found within chests scattered throughout the game world.

These chests hold the key to obtaining the precious Lotus, adding an element of challenge and discovery to the crafting process.

Synchronous Lotus can also be granted by killing bosses and advancing through the game’s main storyline.

Remember, you will be using your limited structure limit while building the Faerie Ring.

Pro-tip: You can find your first Synchronous Lotus on top of the Fae Tower in the second world. In the location, the first chest you open will reward you Faerie Ring.
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