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Participate In Pest Control World Leagues In OSRS

The pest control world in the leagues of OSRS is members only.

Furthermore, players tend to designate certain worlds specifically for this content.

The pest control world in the leagues allows players to obtain more rewards and experience. Furthermore, players are designating World 344 as the official world to conduct the pest control content in the current league in OSRS.

This article discusses the pest control world in the leagues in OSRS.

What Is The Pest Control World League In OSRS?

A pest control world league is one of the many worlds in a league that players can join in OSRS.

Furthermore, the pest control world typically has various players trying to survive the mechanics of pest control.

During the pest control event, players must survive wave after wave of enemies.

This event is also a safe activity, meaning even if the players die, they will respawn with all their items intact.

Furthermore, during a league, players tend to decide on a certain world as the main hub for a form of content.

In the case of pest control, players are deciding on various worlds, such as 380, 472, 471, etc.

However, players are also asking for a designated world from the developers for pest control in the league.

But, there is no information pertaining to the pest control world in the leagues as of now.

Thus, players may need to wait longer to get a world specifically for the pest control content in future leagues.

pest control world league OSRS
Pest control world map layout OSRS.
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How To Participate In Pest Control World Leagues In OSRS?

While there is no designated world in the leagues for pest control, players can still participate in the content in OSRS.

Players can participate in pest control by joining any world hosting the event.

Since it is a cooperative event, players must join in with other players to participate in the event.

However, there is a form of gatekeeping on the event. This is because the event is strictly for members only.

This means they cannot play the pest control event unless the players have paid a certain sum to join the Old School RuneScape.

Furthermore, Old School RuneScape members can join in events other than pest control.

Thus, it is quite attracting for the players to purchase a membership of OSRS to join pest control simply.

pest control league event OSRS
Defeat enemies to complete pest control OSRS.

In the current league, players can join the pest control world. However, most of the time, the world fills up quite fast.

Furthermore, players can earn points from the pest control event for the ongoing league.

This will correlate to players earning various rewards from the points they earn from the pest control event.

However, the restriction of membership players being able to join in on the content is still intact.

In addition, players have designated World 344 as the official pest control world for this league.

Thus, players who are excited about the event can head to World 344 to join in on the pest control content.

Complete The Pest Control Content In League OSRS

Completing the pest control content in OSRS is relatively easy.

Players must first join the battle alongside other players.

Then, they must defend the Void Knight from a horde of monsters.

Furthermore, players must also destroy the four portals that spawn the monsters.

Thus, having as many players as possible to complete the event is better.

The event allows 25 players to join at any time, with a minimum of 5.

After the completion of the event, players will gain a good chunk of experience and Void Knight equipment.

Thus, making the content quite rewarding for the players.

The Bottom Line

The pest control event in the current league is a great way for players to earn a good chunk of experience and points for the league itself.

Furthermore, players can also gain rewards from the points they earn by participating in the event.

Thus, it is a win-win situation for the new Trailblazer reloaded league players.

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