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Explore Everything About Omni-Man Combos In MK1

Omni-man is the aline Viltrumite from the Invincible series, renowned for his brutal manner of dealing with the opponent.

Furthermore, Omni-Man is the first Kombatant that came in the first Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat 1.

The Combo of Omni Man In Mk1 helps players quickly reduce the chunk of enemies’ health. Players can use the Omni-Man combos by combining moves like Planet Pillager, Contemptuous Backhand, Spilled Kontent, Duty, Destructive Elbow, and many more.

This article will discuss how to play the Omni-Man, its best Combos in MK1.

Who Is Omni Man In MK1?

Omni-Man is a playable character who is set to arrive globally on November 16

However, he is added to the game as the guest character in the premium edition of MK11.

Also, players can play Omni-Man from November 9 if they have early access to the game.

The Omni-Man is a powerful character you must have in your character list.

Moreover, his abilities and styles are inspired by the animated series Invincible.

Furthermore, he can instantly destroy enemies with his super-speed and Ariel attack.

So, to fully utilize the abilities of Omni-Man, you should understand his moves and other factor.

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How To Play Omni-Man In MK1?

Players must learn every move to play the Omni-Man, from the Basic Strings to the best combos.

Here are the steps that will guide you about Omni-Mans move and Combo:

1. Best String, Basic Starter And Punishers

As you navigate to the primary attack, most moves are your greatest punishes in your neutral.

Here is the list of the basic but powerful moves;

  • Demon Slaying Punch: Starting with the overhead, your first great option is the 2 two.
  • Kontemptuous Backhand: Then you have the Kontemptuous Backhand that launches enemies into the air that is Back, 1,1. 
  • Around The World: Press Forward and two to use this move. You will go behind the enemies and overhead them.
  • Earthquake stomp: It is a mid-low double-hitting attack performed by pressing forward and one.
omni man mk1 combos
A combo list of elemental attacks.

2. Areal Attack

There are several areal attacks you can perform as Omni-Man. The most critical air attacks are listed below;

  • Bootstain: You can perform this Combo by pressing FP, BP, FP + FK (A, 223).
  • Duty: For this move, you have to press  BP, FP, BP, FP (A, 197)
Arieal Attacks
A combo list of the Arieal Attacksof Omni-Man.

3. Special Abilities And Stance Breaker

The Special Abilities are a little more complex than the basic ones but are more powerful.

However, you can make the best Combo by combining the basic started and these Special attacks.

Here are the few essential Special Attacks for Omni-Man:

  1. Enhance Mepa Clap: The Omni-Man Produces a shockwave by clapping, and you can initiate it by pressing  B, F, one.
  2. Giblet Maker: Dash toward the enemies instantly and send them far away. You can use this move by pressing B, F, or two.
  3. Viltrumite Stance: You perform this ability on the ground or in the air. Furthermore, this will block every attack in the game except for the low attacks triggered by pressing  D, B, and FK (+A).
omni man mk1 combos
Players can take and print 1 or 2 results in different attacks.
  1. Invincible Rush: Press the Back, Forward, and BK (+A) to trigger this ability. You will charge toward the enemy, throwing them backward, and you can also trigger this while on air.

Additionally, while you go into the air, you can press forward and backwards along with the left trigger to make you dash.

This can go into a full or decent combo of around 30%.

Omni-Man Best Combos In MK1

You know some basic attacks, stance and aerial attacks; now, it is time to combine them into combos.

The Omni man has a problematic attack string, so bringing lengthy combos can be difficult without kameos.

However, his attacks are very powerful, so long-lasting combos are unnecessary.

Furthermore, the combo list is quite different from the Fatality and Brutality.

Here are some Omni-Man combo lists you can try to damage in a match significantly.

1. 22, DB31, J212, AIR, Dash, 12 Grab

This Combo is called the bread and button combo. It is mainly the combination of overhead attack dash and Grab.

You start the Combo with two overhead attacks that can be two or two: 1.

Then convert overhead into a stance, grab and continue it to an Air combo, and end with another combo.

Finally, end the Combo with the grab animation. This whole Combo will damage around 35% of enemies’ health.

2. B 1 1, F4, 1, DB31

You have to initiate this Combo by doing a back, one, one attack alongside forward and four into one.

After that, perform the Stance grab, which will throw enemies into the air and perform an air combo.

3. Other few Combos

Here are a few other combos that Omni-Man can perform:

  • F3, DB3, 1, j, 1, 2, (1+3)
  • F3, exDB3, 4, 2, 2, (1+3)
  • F3, exDB3, 2
  • B1, 1, F4, 1, (1+3)
  • B1, 1, J, 1, 2, (1+3)

The Bottom Line 

Omni-Man is one of the Powerful characters in MK1.

Therefore, learning the combos affects your overall gameplay, giving you a massive advantage at the early stage of the game.

Furthermore, the combos are not very complicated, so players can easily execute them.

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