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A Complete Pcam Tobo Klue Guide In Mk1

Pcam Tobo is a Klue in the Tarkatan Community in Mortal Kombat 1 Invasion mode.
To complete the Pcam Tobo Klue in MK1, you can use a special fatality.
The Pcam Tobo Klue is related to the tarkatan colony and happens in the boot camp. Players can perform Jax’s Fatality called Big Boot to solve Pcam Tobo Klue in MK1. 
Continue reading to learn more about how to solve the Pcam Tobo in Mortal Kombat 1.

What Is Pcam Tobo Klue In MK1?

Pcam Tobo is one of the twelve Klues in the Invasion mode of MK1.

You need to solve this klue to advance to the next level of the Invasion.

However, many players find the klue confusing to solve.

Pcam Tobo Klue in MK1
The answer to Pcam Tobo Klue is Boot Camp in Mortal Kombat.

This klue is bound to collect the ornate key and defeat enemies with specific fatality.

After you solve the klue, you get various rewards. So you need to put effort into solving it.

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Steps To Solve Pcam Tobo Klue In MK1

Mortal Kombat 1 has introduced a feature called Kameos, where you can choose fighters to aid you in the battles.
There are some simple steps you can use to solve the Pcam Tobo Klue:

1. Bring An Ornate Key

Ornate keys are found in the inventory of the Kollector shop and cost around 100 grounds.

Further, you need the ornate key to open some of the chests in Invasions.

Ornate key in the shop
An ornate key is needed to open the chest to solve Pcam Tobo in MK1.

Use the Ornate chest key to open the locked chest.

2. Use Jax’s Fatality Big Boot

You can use the Jax’s Fatality Big boot to solve the Pcam Guide in Mk1.

To use this fatality, press Down, Forward, Down, and R1 in the far range for PS5.

Rewards After Solving Pcam Tobo Klue In MK1

Similar to other klues, you earn various rewards after solving the Pcam Tobo Klue.

Mileena Skin is unlocked when you complete the Klue.

Further, the first reward is the Bouncer Legendary Relic.

Rewards in Pcam Tobo Klue
You get various rewards in Pcam Tobo Klue.

The second reward is the Bloodied Honor Common Scorpion Palette.

Similarly, you also get 500 seasonal MK1 credits from the chests.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the ultimate solution to solving Pcam Tobo Klue is to use Jax’s Fatality.

You get a Jax Palette as a reward after completing this klue.

Further, to enhance your gaming experience, you can solve different klues in Mk1.

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