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Orin Or Gortash: Whom Should You Side With In BG3?

In In Baldur’s Gate 3, the choice between aligning with Lord Gortash or Orin presents unique advantages and challenges.

Both characters offer distinct paths that impact the game’s narrative and your character’s journey.

In  BG3, the decision between aligning with Lord Gortash or Orin shapes the narrative and gameplay, requiring consideration of your character’s values for a tailored experience.

You’ve explored a morally justified article; if you are curious about Orin and Gortash and the consequences of siding with them, continue reading the article.

Who Is Gortash In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Lord Enver Gortash is a significant NPC and a politician raised by a devil.

He holds substantial power in Baldur’s Gate, including control over the Flaming Fist Guards and the Steel Watchers.

gortash bg3
Lord Enver Gortash, a politician raised by the devil.

Additionally, he has health points of 275 and belongs to Armor class 16.

Players can find him in different locations in Act 2 and Act 3 like Mind Flayer Colony, Baldur’s Gate City, and Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. 

Who Is Orin In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Orin the Red is a shapeshifting cult leader and antagonist with a strong allegiance to Bhaal, the god of murder.

She is a shapeshifter and a villain who can turn into a dragon and other creatures. 

orin the red
Orin the read, a shape-shifting cult leader.

Orin kidnaps many characters in the game, leveraging their lives to manipulate players.

Similarly, she can be found in different locations such as Mind Flayer Colony in Act 2.

You can also find her in Circus of Last Days, City Sewers and Temple of Bhaal in Act 3. 

Furthermore, she has a strength of 22, Dexterity of 14, Intelligence of 14, Wisdom of 16 and Charisma of 19.

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Whom Should You Side With: Orin Or Gortash?

In BG3, choosing Orin or Gortash depends on your character’s values and desired storyline.

You must choose based on your role-playing preferences and story direction.

Here are the consequences if you side with either Orin or Gortash:

1. Side With Orin

Siding with Orin is the more evil option, as she blackmails you by kidnapping one of your companions and forces you to fight Gortash.

She also spies on you with shapeshifters and wants you to fight her for the Elder Brain’s control.

However, siding with her will stop the doppelganger attacks and allow you to complete some quests that would anger Gortash, such as rescuing Duke Ravengard.

orin and gortash summon the absolute
Orin and Gortash summon the absolute.

Furthermore, it could offer insights into her plans, followers, and the game’s storyline.

Siding with Orin could unveil an alternate, potentially darker storyline, offering a unique perspective on the game’s events.

Similarly, you will have a chance to become an Unholy Assassin of Bhaal, a god of murder and death.

You will face off against the challenging and bothersome foe, Gortash. After defeating her, Orin will reward you with two legendary weapons.

2. Side With Gortash

When allying with Gortash, you don’t need to fight with the Flaming Fist Guards and Steel Watchers. 

Gortash is also a politician who runs Baldur’s Gate so he could be a helpful ally.

You must betray Orin, who could be a valuable ally against the mind flayers. Furthermore, you must fight Orin’s shapeshifters, who may spy on you and cause trouble.

Furthermore, you risk betrayal by Gortash, an untrustworthy companion who may double-cross you.

Karlach will be angered as she hates him for ruining her life.

Moreover, teaming up with Gortash secures a strong ally against common adversaries like Orin and other narrative threats.

Gortash’s guards as allies may enhance city mobility, reduce hostility, and provide greater freedom of movement in Baldur’s Gate.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, players can also choose either Orin or Gortash to betray or refuse both and face the Elder Brain alone.

Both options have advantages and drawbacks, offering diverse experiences within the game.

However, this will make the game more challenging and may affect your relationship with your companions.

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