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Relics Tier Of Leagues 4 In OSRS: Trailblazer’s Arsenal

In OSRS, players can select only one relic from each relics tier of Leagues 4 to shape their character’s abilities.

However, each relic offers distinct advantages, encouraging players to strategize based on their preferred playstyle and goals.

In OSRS Leagues 4, there are eight tiers of relics, like Endless Harvest, Globetrotter, Fire Sale, Archer’s Embrace, Treasure Seeker, Equilibrium, Berserker, and Guardian.

Continue reading to learn more about Leagues 4 Relics and tiers in OSRS.

Leagues 4 Relics In OSRS

Leagues 4 is the fourth installment of the Leagues game mode in OSRS.

It is also known as Trailblazer Reloaded and has tweaks to Relics and tasks.

Leagues 4 Relics are special items you can equip to provide a wide range of benefits.

They are obtained only when you complete tasks, and there are eight different tiers of relics in total.

Each tier has three different relics to choose from, and once a player chooses a relic, they cannot change it.

Moreover, players can only equip one relic at a time, not trade or sell it.

relic concepts transportation
League 4 relic concepts transportation.
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Leagues 4 Relics Tiers In OSRS

Here are the eight tiers of relic in OSRS Leagues 4:

1. Tier 1

The Tier 1 relic Endless Harvest doubles the resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining.

Moreover, extra resources give bonus XP, and they go to your bank if there’s space.

Production Prodigy

When doing the following activities, all items are processed at once:

  • Smelting ores, Smithing bars, and making Cannonballs.
  • Fletching logs, stringing Bows, and Cutting bolt tips.
  • Cleaning herbs and making Potions that don’t have a stackable secondary ingredient.
  • Cooking food and making Jugs of Wine.
  • Crafting leather, uncut gems, glassblowing, jewelry, pottery, Battlestaves and spinning flax or wool.


Loot from pickpocketing is doubled and noted and will automatically re-pickpocket your target.

Special boots called the Sage’s Greaves grant you Agility XP that scales with your Agility level while running.

Moreover, you can’t fail actions for Thieving, Agility, Hunter, and Fire-making actions.

You can burn up to nine logs simultaneously.

Additionally, the coin pouch limit is multiplied by 3.

Hence, this implies that jars cannot break, and box traps lure creatures faster.

2. Tier 2

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Fairy’s Flight: Quick teleportation to any Fairy Ring or Spirit Tree destination. Moreover, this unlocks new teleport options not available with other choices and enhances old relics.
  • Globetrotter: It focuses on house teleports and unlocks locations through your house or jewelry making.

3. Tier 3

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Banker’s Note: Converts noteable items. Additionally, it is convenient for item management.
  • Fire Sale: Tempting for instant wealth. Likewise, gold may not have a significant purpose in this league.

4. Tier 4

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Archer’s Embrace: Paired with certain weapons, makes ranged weapons powerful.
  • Brawler’s Resolve: Boosts combat skills.
  • Superior Sorcerer: Enhances magic-related activities.

5. Tier 5

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Treasure Seeker: Improves loot from PvM.
  • Bloodthirsty: Paired with Archer’s Embrace, makes Slayer tasks easy. Also offers buffs for combat.
  • Infernal Gathering: Enhances resource gathering.

6. Tier 6

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Equilibrium: Offers a prayer book with valuable powers.
  • Farmer’s Fortune: Enhances farming activities.
  • Ruinous Powers: Provides a prayer book with special powers.

7. Tier 7

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Soul Stealer: Increases max hit and provides healing.
  • Weapon Master: Enhances weapon performance.
  • Berserker: Boosts damage and healing.

8. Tier 8

Players can choose one of the following relics:

  • Executioner: Similar to Guardian, instantly kills low-health targets.
  • Undying Retribution: Provides a chance to come back to life after death.
  • Guardian: Instantly kills targets under 20% health. Additionally, it is a massive time-saver for combat situations.
eight tiers of relic in Leagues 4
There are eight tiers of relics in OSRS Leagues 4.

The Bottom Line

Your chosen relics will define your journey in this exciting installment of OSRS Leagues.

Whether you’re aiming for powerful combat skills, efficient resource gathering, or unique teleportation options.

Hence, choose wisely and embark on an adventure customized to your preferences and objectives.

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