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Learn Everything About The Weapons In Lethal Company

Players can equip different weapons in Lethal Company to thrive in this game.

It is beneficial for players to master the available weapons in Lethal Company to gain its strengths.

In Lethal Company, players can access different kinds of weapons to optimize their chances of survival. Similarly, Shovel, Stop-Sign, Stun Grenade and Zap gun are the four weapons players can equip in the game.

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Lethal Company Weapon

You can use different weapons and equipment to help you in your missions.

Here are some of the weapons you can find in the game.

1. Shovel  

Among the several weapons, Shovel is one of the weapons players can equip in this scary world of Lethal Company.

Similarly, a shovel is the player’s versatile male companion that can be beneficial during close-range battles.

Besides that, due to its availability for about 30 credit points, it is one of the primary weapon choices for the player.

Players can opt for Shovel while playing as a team since this weapon is advantageous during close combat.

Lethal Company Weapons Shovel
A player is using the shovel as a weapon.

Moreover, the Shovel is mainly used to eliminate the dangerous creatures in the game with varying health bars.

However, players must be careful using the Shovel as it can hurt their crew members.

Players can buy the offensive gear shovel, which weighs around 19lb, from the store on their ship with 30 credits only.

Similarly, to equip the Shovel, players must hold their left-click button to aim at a monster and release it to attack.

With Shovel, players can kill the following monsters with particular hits:

  • Thumpers: 6 hits
  • Bunker Spiders: 4 Hits
  • Hoarding Bugs: 4 Hits
  • Manticoils: 1 Hit
  • Snare Flea : 3 Hits
  • Brackens : 3 Hits
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2. Stop-Sign

Players can use the Stop-Sign as their other Weapon in Lethal Company.

Stop Signs are the melee weapon that can provide specific damage to monsters and enemies.

Similarly, it has the exact working mechanisms as the Shovel and is used to haunt down the close-range monsters.

However, unlike the Shovel, players cannot buy the stop sign from the terminal; they must obtain it from the scrap run.

Moreover, players can equip the Stop sign like a shovel; they have to press the mouse’s left button and release it to hit the monster.

Like the Shovel, stop-sign deals about similar damage to the monsters like Thumpers, Buker Spider, Hoarding Bugs etc.

3. Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade is another explosive weapon players can equip in this dangerous world of Lethal Company.

Similalry, the stun grenade is the explosive primarily used against monsters to stun them for a certain period.

It is a challenging moment for the players to encounter the deadliest monsters like Forest Keepers, Red Ghost Girl etc.

However, with stun grenades, players can quickly kill these deadliest monsters without any second thought.

Lethal Company Weapon Stun Greande
A player is using the stun grenade as a weapon.

Moreover, players must buy the stun grenade from their ship’s terminal shop for about 40 credits.

While using the stun grenades, players must equip it and press the left mouse button to pull its pin and release it against monsters.

However, players only have five more seconds to throw it at the monster after pulling its pin, as it can blow up themselves.

4. Zap Gun

Zap Gun is the most effective weapon in the Lethal Company as it is the advanced version of the stun grenade.

Similarly, players can use the Zap Gun against the game’s deadliest enemy, such as Forest Giants and Eyeless Dogs.

Acquiring the Zap gun can be highly beneficial for the players to survive against these deadly enemies.

Players can get the Zap gun by heading to the terminal shop inside the ship and buying it for 400 credits.

Lethal Company Weapon Zap Gun
A player is using the Zap Gun as a weapon.

Moreover, after equipping the zap gun, players can shoot the electrical shock at enemies to stun them for a more extended period.

In Lethal Company, players can use the zap gun by equipping it and then using the left mouse button to target the enemies.

Upon targeting enemies, players can hit them with the shock beam and stun the enemies for a more extended period.

The Bottom Line

In this dangerous world of the Lethal Company, players must master the art of handling several weapons to survive.

Similarly, learning how to use each weapon: Shovel, stop-sign, stun grenade, and zap gun is mandatory.

Players must understand each weapon’s usage and coordinate with their team to face complex challenges in Lethal Company.

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