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Baldur’s Gate 3: Should You Kill Chop Or Not?

In Baldur’s Gate (BG3), players have to decide whether to kill Chop or not in the Mind Flayer Colony.

Chop is a Bugbear, and players can find him alongside the cage where “Us” is held captive.

He is serving under the commands of the Absolute and is not able to control his actions.

In Baldur’s Gate (BG3), players have to kill Chop during the encounter to free him from the torture. It is a Mercy kill as it is what he asks for.

Continue reading to learn more about the Chop in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is Chop In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Chop is an evil-minded Bugbear who kills humanoids for gruesome purposes like the creation of Intellect Devourers.

Similarly, he is known for his cruel acts, which spread despair among the living souls who dare to walk inside Mind Flayer Colony.

However, Chop has his backstory which is one of pain, suffering, and desire for salvation from the Absolute.

Chop is not as evil as it is portrayed in BG3. He is held captive by the Mind Flayers and has lost his intelligence.

Image of Chop
Meeting with Chop in BG3.

Mind Flayers are the sinister ones that manipulate Chop to be obedient to them, and make him butcher the humanoids.

Moreover, Chop is in great trouble as he cannot defy the Mind Flayer’s instructions and is forced to work under them.

Where To Find Chop In BG3?

Players can find Chop in the sinister depths of the Mind Flayer Colony at the coordinates X:663 Y:-74.

Mind Flayer Colony lies beneath the ominous Moonrise tower, where Intellect Devourers are roaming freely.

Intellect Devourers are spreading dread and terror among the unfortunate souls who dare to step into their territory.

In Act 2, while passing through the alleys of the Morgue-Sub area players can encounter Chop who is guarding the cell.

"Us" in Cage
You can find “Us” inside the Cage.

Similarly, players can find Chop as a dark and haunting figure in this nightmarish colony alongside the cell of “Us – the brain”.

Players can have options to free the brain from that cell if they did not kill it during the Nautiloid Ship.

Should You Kill Chop?

Players have to decide to save or leave “us” when they encounter brain imprisoned in the cell.

Unleashing “Us” from the prison is the right move for the players as they will accompany them during the battle.

However, the key to the cell is with the “Chop”, which sets off when you have conversations with the brain.

Players have to make an important decision here whether to persuade him to get the key or kill him.

Subsequently, the easy option is to pass the Persuasion Charisma check and get the key from him directly. 

Having Persuasion Check
Players have a persuasion check to get the key.

If you decide to pass the Persuasion Check,  you need to pass the DC of  14 to receive the key from him. 

However, as you know the backstory of Chop, he has to work for the Mind Flayers against his will. 

Even when the player threatens to kill him for torturing a good soul, he pleads to kill him.  

Moreover, Chop wants to have his salvation from Mind Flayers, so it is the right decision to kill him.

Killing him might make you sad, but it is his decision, he cannot simply live by losing his intellect.

Thus, it is a good decision to kill the “Chop” and free him from being captive of the “Absolute”.

Finally, his endless torture of not being able to control his actions will end, and he can now rest in peace.

Rewards After Unleashing “Us” 

Players can get the Item  “Summon Us” as the reward for freeing “Us” from the cage, despite using any methods.

Moreover, players can use this spell during the combat, they can summon “us” to assist them in the battle.

However, players can use it for a limited time before it recovers from Short Rest.

This item is a Common Item, having a weight of 0.2 kg /lb and a price tag of 1 gp.

The Bottom Line

Players have to make a difficult decision when they encounter Chop, who has a moral dilemma.

Ultimately, players must decide whether to kill Chop as an act of mercy, which will end their suffering.

In conclusion, the story of Chop is a reminder of many complex decisions that players must face in BG3.

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