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Wind Temple In Palia: Unlock And Explore The Mysteries

The Wind Temple in Paila, also known as the Temple of the Gales, is a new location introduced in the Winter update.

With the most recent patch, players can access and explore the new Wind Temple and learn its mysteries.

“Wind Temple in Palia” is the third temple in Palia’s main plot, which players will be able to access by completing a number of objectives. Like the first two temples, players must figure out a puzzle to unlock the main door.

This article further provides clear information on the Palia Wind Temple and the process of completing the mission.

What Is Palia Wind Temple?

Palia Wind Temple also called the Temple of Gales, is a third temple in the main plot of Palia.

Here, players will have the opportunity to explore and uncover the mysteries of the Temple of the Wind.

In order to finish the several missions connected to this temple’s advancement, players must get access to it.

How To Get To Wind Temple Of Palia?

You need to follow some basic steps to get to the Wind Temple of Palia.

  1. In order to get entry to the Temple of the Gales, players have to complete one of the game’s initial quests, “Echoes of the Unknown.”
  2. After finishing it, players will find comments from Caleri and Elouisa in their mailboxes.
  3. After reading the notes, players can talk to either Caleri or Elouisa to unlock a quest for Zeki named “Look to the Sky.”
  4. To get into the party, you must speak with Zeki between the hours of 6 and 12 PM.
  5. After that, you must speak with Caleri to divert Eshe’s attention.
  6. Likewise, after diverting Eshe’s attention, you need to locate Zeki and speak with him to leave the party.
  7. Nevertheless, the player needs to navigate to the plot location and speak with Zeki to complete the quest.
Discussion with Zeki in Palia Wind Temple
Players can discuss the ways to unlock the main door with Zeki.

Following that, you have access to the next task, “Silver-Winging it.”

For that, you need to meet Zeki at a mysterious temple.

Next, you need to travel to the Windy Ruins location in Bahari Bay, which is close to the Beachcomber Cave fast-travel point.

You then proceed into the ruins where you will find Zeki near the end of the Ruins hallway, together with Caleri and Elouisa.

To teleport to the Temple of the Gales, you are required to speak with Zeki to open the Flowstone Gate in the center.

Here, you can continue the adventure by figuring out the door puzzle that leads to the Gales area’s main Temple.

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How To Unlock The Main Door In The Palia Wind Temple?

Players will encounter a locked door with a sign on top of it as they open the Flowstone Gate to enter the Temple of the Gales.

In the chamber, you will see two sets of eggs one on each side, each containing two distinct eggs.

Furthermore, you should look across from the main door to uncover three nests, each with a different sign underneath.

You must select the appropriate one and place it in accordance with the egg’s symbol one egg at a time.

The door will open after you have laid down all four of the correct eggs.

Egg puzzle solve in Palia Wind Temple
To solve the egg riddle, use the odd red eggs to get to the secret room.

After that, you can place the following mysterious eggs in the indicated nests to make the puzzle easier to solve.

  • Red Egg: Left Nest
  • Blue Egg: Middle Nest
  • Red Egg: Right Nest

When you place the right eggs in the right nests, a door will open.

You can now enter a windy hall where you can ride a glider to see the flying Temple of the Gales.

The Bottom Line

The Palia Wind Temple challenge is a great way to get a feel for the thrilling ambiance of the game and learn about its mysteries.

So, by helping Zeki on his journey, you will receive important gifts, strengthen your bond with him, and so on.

Thus, gather your tools to prepare for an interesting journey to the World of Palia.

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