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How To Get Items From Overflow Inventory In Palia?

In times of excess supply, overflow inventory comes to the rescue to store items temporarily and help manage the inventory in Palia.

Players are wondering how to access the items from the overflow when their inventory is full.

In Palia, the Overflow Inventory is a helpful feature that prevents item loss and streamlines resource gathering. Players can access the items in the overflow by picking up the item and dragging it to the normal inventory.

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What Is Overflow Inventory In Palia?

The overflow inventory in Palia is a temporary storage buffer that activates when the main inventory is full.

Further, it allows players to temporarily store items that don’t fit in the main inventory.

Overflow is a single red bar that is only visible when it has some items.

Inventory in Palia
Players can use the in-game inventory to store all the loot and items in the game.

Likewise, it prevents you from losing items when you have no space in the inventory.

Its safety net ensures that you can continue gathering resources without interruption.

Further, you can access it by opening your inventory and dragging items from the overflow to your main slots.

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How Does The Overflow Inventory Work In Palia?

The overflow inventory works in a simple way by storing the extra items temporarily.

It only appears while the items are in excess and you can get those items to your main inventory.

The overflow inventory works in the following ways:

1. Items Go To Overflow

The overflow inventory is only activated when your main inventory is full.

Further, it is represented by a single red bar with a specific capacity.

When you loot items and your inventory is full, the excess items go to the overflow.

2. Overflow Has Limited Capacity

However, the overflow inventory also has a limited capacity to store the items temporarily.

You cannot store items in overflow more than its capacity.

Items overflowing in the overflow inventory
The overflow inventory is full so players have to move items to normal inventory.

Further, you should be careful not to leave the items in the overflow for too long.

3. Items Move To Storage

When the overflow fills up, its oldest items are automatically sent to your home storage.

Likewise, the items stored in the overflow bar tend to disappear after a certain time if not transferred to permanent storage.

It can be useful for maximizing your inventory space early on, but it can also cause you to lose track of your items.

4. Accessing Overflow

You can access and manage overflow items through the inventory panel.

For this, press + to open your inventory, scroll to the red bar, and pick up the item.

Then, move to your normal inventory bars and select an empty inventory spot.

Benefits Of Overflow Inventory In Palia

Overflow inventory can hugely benefit all the players in Palia as managing inventory is crucial to progress in the game.

Here are some of the benefits of having an overflow inventory:

  • It allows you to store items temporarily that don’t fit in your main inventory.
  • Inventory management is simplified as it sends the old items automatically to storage when overflow fills up.
  • There is always space for the main drop of the resource node or creature even if your inventory is full.
  • The overflow operates on a first-in, first-out basis as the oldest items are sent to storage first to make room for newer ones.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the overflow inventory helps to improve inventory management in Palia preventing the loss of valuable items.

It is very crucial to store valuable loot and items when all the inventory slots are taken.

Players can simply drag the items in the overflow inventory to the main inventory for further use.

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