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Uncommon Bugs In Palia: A Comprehensive List

In Palia, players are presented with the task of collecting 4 uncommon bugs as part of the quest.

Similarly, collecting the uncommon bugs is part of the Crawly Conundrum quest so it is essential to locate the uncommon bugs.

In Palia, players can complete the Crawly Conundrum quest by catching uncommon bugs that are scattered around the map. You can find uncommon bugs like Garden Ladybugs, Garden Leafhopper, Garden Mantis, and others from different areas of the map.

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Palia: An Overview Of Bugs

In Palia, players can witness numerous bugs and insects roaming around the different areas of the map.

Similarly, Bugs plays a significant role in the life of the Astute Catchers, so it is better to learn how to chase and trap them.

Moreover, these bugs play a crucial role in the Game’s ecosystem and players can find different varieties.

Players should equip Belt and Smoke Bombs to catch these bugs from under the rock or within Gatherables.

Besides, there are different varieties of bugs in the world of Palia and each belongs to a certain Rarity Level.

Players can find the bugs of Epic, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common rarity levels; each has unique characteristics.

As a part of the conundrum quest, players have to find the 4 uncommon bugs that are scattered around the world of Palia.

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Available Uncommon Bugs In Palia

While pursuing the conundrum quest, players must collect 4 uncommon bugs from the several bugs scattered around the map.

There are around 12 uncommon bugs in the world of Palia and each of them has unique characteristics.

Here is the list of the Available Uncommon Bugs in Palia that you can collect in the world of Palia.

  • Bahari Bee
  • Cerulean Cicada
  • Dusking Butterfly
  • Garden Ladybug
  • Garden Leafhopper
  • Garden Mantis
  • Garden Millpede
  • Garden Snail
  • Inky Dragonfly
  • Lunar Fairy Moth
  • Proudhorned Stag Beetle
  • Spineshell Crab
palia uncommon bugs
Players should find 4 uncommon bugs from the Palia.

Similarly, among these 12 bugs, players only need to find 4 bugs to complete their Crawly Conundrum.

Here are the complete details of some uncommon bugs and their location to complete the quest.

1. Bahari Bee

It is one of the local species of bees that produce one of the best honey.

Similarly, this species can be found in Bahari Fields in Bahari Forest and spawn anytime.

The behavior of this uncommon bug is dashing and has a value of 58 Gold.

2. Garden Leafhopper

Garden Leafhopper is kept as a charm in the Palia village for bringing good luck.

Besides, players can find the Garden Leafhopper by visiting the Killima Fields anytime.

The jumping nature of the Leafhopper makes it unique and it has a value of 63 Gold.

 Uncommon bugs At Mirrorfield
Players can find the uncommon bugs in Killima At Mirrorfield.

3. Dusking Butterfly

Dusking Butterfly is one the unique bugs in Palia that possess the wings of the color of dusk.

You can find it by visiting the Dragon Shrine in the Morning and Day time.

Similarly, the Dusking Butterfly is also flying and has a value of 51 Gold.

4. Garden Ladybug

Garden Ladybug is another uncommon species which is a red and black ladybug.

It is famous for controlling garden pests and can be found anytime in the Bahari Fields.

Players can spot the Ladybug by its running nature and it has the value of 69 Golds.

5. Cerulean Cicada

Cerulean Cicada was famous for being the inspiration for the Ayana’s Fourth Symphony.

Players can find Cerulean Cicada by exploring the Bahari Fields in Bahri Forest during the Morning and Day time.

Similarly, Cerulean Cicada has a flying nature and has a value of 90 Gold.

The Bottom Line

In Palia, finding the bugs and collecting them is part of the game storyline, so bug catchers should have fun searching for them.

Also, players can visit places like Bahari Fields, Killima Fields, and Dragon Shrines to collect uncommon bugs.

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