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Can You Change Passive Skills In Palworld?

In Palworld, Passive Skills are skills that influence a player’s Pal stats, like attack power, defense, speed, personality, and abilities.

There are three sets of skills that you Pals can possess i.e. Active, Passive and Partner Skills in Palworld.

Palworld passive skills are randomized skills that offer both buffs and debuffs.

Continue reading to learn more about Passive Skills and know if you can change it or not.

What Are Palworld Passive Skills?

Some of the passive skills provide both negative and positive effects on your Pal’s stats or on working speed.

Similarly, Passive Skills are attributes that the player’s Pals can have and give buffs and debuffs to them.

Upon catching the various Pals in Palworld, players do not know which pal possesses what kind of Passive Skills.

However, players will be able to find out whether the Pal they choose has good Passive Skills or bad ones once they catch it.

An example of this skill would be a Pal having increased damage against Water-type Pals while reducing defence against Fire-type attacks.

However, players cannot choose which Passive Skills their Pals will have as their Passive Skills are randomly assigned.

Here are some of the Passive Skills that players pals can have.

  1. Hooligan: Increase the damage by +15%  and reduce work speed by -10%.
  2. Lucky: Increase the defense rate by +15% and reduce the attack against other pals by -15%.
  3. Motivational Leader: Increase player’s Pals speed rate by 25 %.
  4. Sadist: Decrease pals defence rate by -15% and attack by +15%.
  5. Earthquake Resistant: Decrease 10% incoming Ground damage.

Hence, this shows that not all Passive Skills are built to offer benefits; some might decrease your Pal’s stats. 

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Is It Possible To Change Pal’s Passive Skills In Palworld?

In Palworld, to know Pal’s Passive Skills, players need to check their Pals’ stats.

Upon selecting the Pal Box Management Menu and selecting the Pal, the Passive Skill information for the selected Pal will be displayed.

Reddit Discussion On Palworld Passive Skills
Players question the possible way to change Pal’s passive skills on Reddit.

However, players cannot change or swap out their Pal’s Passive Skills like Active Skills in Palworld.

In Palworld, players can choose what traits their Pals will have that influence how their Pals behave and interact with the game world.

Hence, to choose the Passive Skills in Palworld, players need to choose two Pals with desired Passive Skills as the parents.

Subsequently, players need to breed those Pals so that their child Pal has a chance to inherit the Passive Skills from its parents.

Breeding Pals With Palworld Passive Skills

Breeding Pals with passive skills is a process that involves pairing up Pals for offspring with passive abilities.

Moreover, when choosing the parent pals for breeding, players must be careful and do certain research by checking each Pal’s stats.

Place a Pal with Passive skills to Breed
Place a Pal with Passive skills to Breed and use their abilities and strengths.

However, players must choose the Pals that possess the best passive skills.

Choosing Pals with the best Passive Skills requires careful consideration and strategic planning.

This process might get complicated but choosing the right parent Pals with the Passive Skills help players create the strongest team in the game.

However, Pal’s Passive Skills will activate once they are in the players or are deployed in base.

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