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Palworld Cant Craft: Grappling Gun And Researched Goods

Palworld lets you build various structures, weapons, and items by gathering resources and using your Pals.

However, it also poses challenges and obstacles that require patience and perseverance; crafting is one of them.

Continue reading to learn why cant you craft items and the troubleshooting to these problems.

Why Cant You Craft In Palworld?

Crafting in Palworld is a key element to building your base, equipping your Pals, and surviving in the wild.

From basic shelters to factories, crafting provides all the materials and structures you need to establish worldwide.

Cant craft palworld
It’s a Reddit post on cant craft Palworld.

As you delve deeper into crafting, you’ll unlock more complex recipes and blueprints.

However, when you cant craft in Palworld, it can be frustrating, but there are several reasons why it might be happening:

  1. Missing resources
  2. Crafting station issues
  3. Pal workload
  4. Full inventory
  5. Bug or glitch 
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How To Craft In Palworld?

Crafting lets you tailor weapons, armor, and tools specifically for your captured Pals.

You can follow the ideas below to craft if you’re having a problem with crafting in Palworld:

1. Double-Check

Double-check the recipe for the item you’re trying to craft.

Ensure you have all the required materials in your inventory, including the exact quantities.

Sometimes, specific variants of materials might be needed.

Thus, ensure the materials are in your backpack, not storage containers.

Generally, crafting stations only access your backpack for materials.

check station description
Check the station description or recipe to see if it’s the right one.

2. Station Description 

Different crafting stations handle different items.

For example, you wouldn’t craft furniture on the workbench used for tools.

Thus, check the station description or recipe to see if it’s the right one.

Some items require researching the recipe before you can craft them.

Further, check the research menu and unlock the necessary technology.

Damaged crafting stations might not function properly.

Significantly, repair them using your hammer or build a new one.

3. Let Pal Rest

Your Pal’s workload meter determines their crafting and building efficiency.

If it’s depleted, they’ll refuse to work until it replenishes. Let them rest or use stamina-recovering items.

 Significantly, ensure your Pal is assigned the correct task for the desired crafting.

For example, “Crafting” allows them to use crafting stations, while “Building” focuses on construction.

pal workload
Let your Pal rest

4. Restart The Game

Your backpack might be full, preventing the crafted item from being placed in it; clear some space before crafting.

In rare cases, unexpected bugs or glitches can interfere with crafting; try restarting the game or verifying your game files.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Crafting goes beyond basic necessities. You can cook delicious meals for your Pals and yourself.

Further, you can brew healing potions for survival, and even craft vehicles.

This lets you explore the vast and sometimes dangerous landscapes of Palworld.

However, if you cant craft even after following the above tips, you can try some troubleshooting as below:

1. In-game Recipe Information

Open the Technology menu and find the specific item you want to craft.

Generally, the recipe will list all the required materials, including quantities and sometimes specific variants.

Double-check your inventory to ensure you have everything.

However, missing even a single item will disable crafting.

2. Hover Over The Crafting Button

This is a great way to diagnose the issue quickly.

If the button is greyed out, a tooltip will appear explaining the reason.

It could be missing resources, incorrect stations, insufficient research, or a full inventory.

3. Join The Palworld Community

Online forums and communities like Reddit and Discord are full of helpful players.

You can share your specific problem and receive advice from experienced players.

They might have encountered similar issues and found solutions you haven’t considered.

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