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Palworld Sphere Factory 3 For Pals: High Technology Tree Craft

Sphere Factory contains special tools that help catch Pals more easily, opening up new exciting options in the game.

As you reach higher levels of the technology tree, you can unlock Sphere Factory 3 and use its technologies and recipes.

However, progressing through high level is not sufficient as players will need crafting materials as well for catching pals with ease.

Continue reading to learn more about the pals you can craft in Palworld Sphere Factory 3.

What Is Sphere Factory In Palworld?

In Palworld, when you capture Pals, it is necessary to nurture them, so the best place to do this is the Sphere Factory.

Furthermore, it’s like a workshop where you can use tools to catch and care for your Pals.

As you get better at the game, you can unlock more advanced levels of the Sphere Factory.

Pal spheres in palworld
You can craft a Legendary sphere with the help of tools and recipes in Sphere Factory 3 in Palworld.

There are three tiers of Sphere Factory: Sphere Factory Tier 1, Sphere Factory Tier 2, and Sphere Factory Tier 3.

When you reach level 14, you will automatically unlock the recipe for building the Sphere Factory in the Technology tree.

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Unlock Sphere Factory 3 In Palworld

The third level, Palworld Sphere Factory 3, is the top level of crafting technology.

Unlocking the Sphere Factory 3 helps you reach new heights in your adventure of making friends with Pals.

Furthermore, you must reach a higher level of the Technology Tree to unlock the Pal Sphere Factory tier 3.

As you unlock Sphere Factory 3, you can access advanced tools, recipes, and a large set of crafting options.

Hence, you can create high-tier Pal Spheres and capture Pals of higher levels and strength with Factory 3 technologies.

Pal Spheres To Craft In Sphere Factory Tier 3

You can unlock Pal spheres from the Technology tree where each pal sphere will unlock at different levels.

Furthermore, Pal spheres fall under three tiers of factory according to their level and tier cost.

As you progress the levels you can unlock factory tier 1, factory tier 2, and factory tier 3 pal spheres.

In addition, there are different crafting costs for creating Pal spheres in a sphere factory.

Craft pal spheres in factory tier 3
You can unlock high-tier pal spheres and factory 3 recipes as you climb high in the technology tree.

For instance,  you can craft and nurture Pal Sphere, Mega Sphere, and Giga Sphere using Sphere factory tier 1 recipes.

Similarly, you can craft and nurture Hyper Sphere using Sphere Factory Tier 2 recipes with different crafting costs.

The High-tier pal spheres like Ultra Sphere and Legendary Sphere are crafted and nurtured under the Sphere Factory 3 recipes.

Craft Ultra Sphere And Legendary Sphere In Factory 3

When you reach level 35, you will unlock the Ultra Sphere of factory tier 3 in Palworld.

Hence, the crafting costs of the Ultra sphere are as follows:

  • 7 Paldium Fragment
  • 8 Refined Ingot
  • 3 Carbon Fiber
  • 3 Cement 

Likewise, when you reach level 44 you will unlock the legendary Sphere of Factory tier 3.

The crafting costs of the Legendary sphere are as follows:

  • 10 Paldium Fragment
  • 10 Pal Metal Ingot
  • 5 Carbon Fiber
  • 5 Cement

How To Get Pal Spheres For Free In Palworld?

If you are looking for ways to earn free pal spheres in Palworld, then you can follow the method below:

  1. Progress through the game and unlock the Ranch structure in the technology tree.
  2. You must put the ranch in a flat space so that the creatures can dig up Pal Spheres more easily.
  3. You must find a Pal called Vixie in the Autumn area of the game and tame it.
  4. Vixie is such a creature that can automatically produce Pal Spheres on the farm.
  5. Place Vixie in the Ranch, and it will start digging up Pal Spheres from the ground automatically.
  6. Keep checking on Vixie and collect the Pal Spheres that Vixie gathers on the farm.

Hence, this method will help you get a regular supply of Pal Spheres without doing anything.

Sphere Factory 3 is the third and most advanced level factory of the Palworld that you can unlock after climbing high in the technology tree.

You can obtain recipes and tools from Factory 3 to craft Ultra Sphere and Legendary Sphere as you unlock them at levels 35 and 40.

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