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Palworld Mind Control Meds: Dissident Ingredient For Pals

In Palworld, Mind Control Meds are items that players can obtain, typically from wandering traders.

However, these meds improve mental well-being to mitigate negative traits, and the meds offer a strategic element.

Mind Control Meds, obtained from wandering traders, are items used on Pals to offer strategic advantages. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Mind Control Meds, how to use them, and their benefits in Palworld.

Mind Control Meds In Palworld

Mind Control Meds do not heal health, but are extremely effective in controlling dissidents.

These are used through your inventory, directly on your chosen Pal.

Likewise, their effects are theoretical, potentially healing ailments and boosting Sanity.

Several theories swirl around the potential effects of these mysterious meds: Cure ailments, Boost Sanity, and Mind control.

It costs 10000 with a maximum stack count of 9999. Moreover, it weighs 0.2 gm and requires four crafting materials:

  • Refined ingot * 10
  • Horn * 10
  • Bone * 5
  • Pal Fluid * 3

However, it’s important to note that the exact mechanics of Mind Control Meds in Palworld may not be explicitly outlined in the game.

If you’re considering using these Meds, it might be helpful to experiment with them on different Pals and also observe the outcomes.

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How To Use Mind Control Meds?

To use Mind Control Meds in Palworld, follow these steps:

1. Open your in-game inventory to view the items you possess; access your backpack through the menu or a hotkey.

2. These inaccessible vials are installed among your Poké-pals, weapons, and delicious grub.

3. Choose the Mind Control Meds from your inventory by clicking or selecting them.

4. Approach the Pal on which you wish to apply the experiment from the list below your inventory.

 a consumable ingredient mind control meds
Mind Control Meds are a consumable ingredient that does not heal your health.

5. Execute the action to use or apply the Mind Control Meds on the selected Pal.

6. This might involve a specific button press or interaction command, depending on the game’s control scheme.

7. After applying these Meds, observe any changes in the Pal’s behavior, loyalty, sanity, or potential removal of negative traits.

8. Pay attention to in-game indicators or notifications that may signal the effectiveness of the Mind.

9. Consider experimenting with Mind Control Meds on different Pals to understand their varied effects.

Benefits Of Mind Control Meds In Palworld

Some of the benefits of Mind Control Meds in Palrold for Every Pals are:

  • Mind Control Meds increases Pals’ sanity level, which keeps them focused and ready for action.
  • Players suggest that these meds may also have the ability to eliminate negative stat traits in Pals.
  • Applying these meds increases loyalty and fosters a stronger bond between players and their companions.
  • Reports suggest the meds might motivate Pals to work harder and faster, making your farming ventures a breeze.
requires four crafting materials
Mind Control Meds requires four crafting materials.
  • Mind Control Meds might offer health benefits like ailment cures and Sanity boosts.
  • Using these Meds could potentially transform Pals with less desirable traits into more cooperative and productive companions.
  • Increased efficiency with potentially improved work ethic and reduced rest is a possibility.
  • Enhanced loyalty through mind control or synergy with rumored collars remains speculative.

Therefore, Mind Control Meds provide players with a versatile tool to address different aspects of Pal management.

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