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How To Build Feed Box For Pals In Palworld?

In Palworld, it’s crucial to keep your Pals well-fed, just like taking care of your character.

If they go hungry, they won’t function properly and you might find the feeding system a bit confusing, but it’s vital to understand.

To build a Feed Box for your Pals in Palworld, Open your inventory, navigate to the technology section, and unlock the Feed Box where you need to gather 20 pieces of wood. Once unlocked and crafted, you can place the Feed Box in your base.

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Building a Feed Box for Your Pals in Palworld

Taking care of your Pals in Palworld involves more than just feeding.

Feed Box In Palworld
You can unlock this object via the Technology menu which requires 20x wood fragment.

Players must ensure that their companions are well-fed. To construct a Feed Box for your Pals, follow these steps:

1. Open Your Inventory: Access your inventory in Palworld to kickstart the process.

2. Navigate to Technology Section: Head to the technology section, where you unlock various elements.

3. Unlock the Feed Box: Within the technology section, locate and unlock the Feed Box. This step requires gathering 20 pieces of wood.

4. Gather Wood: Venture into the game world to collect the required 20 pieces of wood for crafting the Feed Box.

5. Craft the Feed Box: Once the necessary resources are in hand, proceed to craft the Feed Box.

6. Place It in Your Base: Find an appropriate spot in your base and position the Feed Box. This will serve as a steady food source for your Pals.

With these simple steps, you’ll ensure your Pals have a reliable food supply, promoting their well-being and productivity in Palworld.

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How To Feed Your Pals In Palworld?

To feed Pals in Palworld, start by capturing companions. Craft a Pal Sphere using Wood, Stone, and Paldium Fragments.

Once captured, seek food; Pals eat almost anything, with Berries being a common early choice.

Feeding Pals In Palworld
Find food like Berries, feed them from inventory or hands, and automate with Feed Box.

Collect Berries Items by exploring and interacting with Berry bushes. The follow these steps:

1. Feeding from Inventory

You should gather food items suitable for the pals in your inventory.

Further, you should open the inventory, right-click on the food item, and choose the Pal for feeding.

2. Feeding With Hands

You should use the Pal sphere or Palbox to release or place Pals in your base.

Likewise, approach the Pal, press 4 to interact, and opt for the Feed option from the menu.

3. Utilizing Feed Boxes

You can craft a Feed Box at Level 4 by collecting 20 Wood Fragments.

Then you need to place it in your base as your Pals will retrieve food when hungry.

Similarly, ensure there is enough food in the Feed Box for the system to function.

4. Securing Food For Pals

After placing your feed box, you can start Berry Plantations at Level 5, which requires 3 Berry Seeds, 20 Wood, and 20 Stones.

You have to place them in your base, seed for berry cultivation, and rinse with water-based Pals.

Players can construct a Ranch at Level 5, which requires 50 Wood, 20 Stone, and 30 Fiber.

Implement these methods to efficiently feed your Pals, fostering a productive and well-fed environment within your Palworld base.

Why Are Pals Not Eating From Feed Box?

Players have encountered that their Pals are not eating and also found that their pals seem to be unresponsive to the Feed Box.

When Pals show signs of hunger but don’t approach the Feed Box, placing it in and out typically resolves the issue.

Storing and resummoning might be necessary if they persist in not eating, especially near cliffs or crowded areas.

Likewise, relocating the feed box to an open area in the base or adjusting its placement might resolve the issue.

There’s a chance that proximity to cliffs, crowded objects, or multiple feed boxes could confuse the AI, impacting their feeding behaviour.

The Bottom Line

You should Ensure your Pals thrive in Palworld by constructing a Feed Box.

Hence, you should open inventory, navigate to technology, unlock Feed Box with 20 wood, craft, and position in your base.

This step-by-step guide guarantees a reliable food source, promoting Pal’s well-being and productivity. 

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