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Palworld Hillside Cavern: A Dungeon Full Of Dangers And Rewards

If you want a thrilling adventure in Palworld, check out Hillside Cavern.

It is one of the dungeons that offer great loot, rare Pals, and an alpha Pal encounter.

Hillside Cavern is one of the dungeons in Palworld that offers a challenging and rewarding experience for players who are looking for adventure and loot. By following certain tips and tricks, you can complete Hillside Cavern successfully.

Continue reading to learn everything about Hillside Cavern, from how to find it and how to complete it successfully.

Hillside Cavern In Palworld

Hillside Cavern is one of the dungeons that can spawn in the Windswept Hills region.

Generally, it is a grassy area with hills, forests, and farms.

Hillside Cavern has a level of 13, which means that the enemies and loot inside are suitable for players around that level.

You can find Hillside Cavern at one of the following coordinates: 263, -540 or 123, -484 or 74, -486 or 118, -423 or 147, -404 or 20, -524 or 150, -358.

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How To Complete Hillside Cavern?

The dungeon is divided into several rooms, each with a different layout and challenge.

Thus, you need to find your way through the maze-like dungeon and reach the final room, where you will face an alpha Pal encounter.

You can follow the tips and tricks for completing Hillside Cavern in Palworld:

1. Bring A Variety Of Pals

Bring a variety of Pals that can handle different types of enemies and terrain.

For example, flying Pals can help you avoid traps and reach high places, while fire Pals can deal extra damage to ice Pals.

2. Stock Up On Healing Items

Stock up on healing items, such as potions and bandages, as well as food and water for yourself and your Pals.

Further, you can craft or buy some buffs, such as attack or defence boosters.

Find your way through the maze-like dungeon.

3. Map And The Compass

Use the map and the compass to navigate the dungeon and avoid getting lost.

However, you can mark important locations, such as chests, resources, or exits, with flags or signs.

4. Ambushes And Hidden Enemies

Be careful of ambushes and hidden enemies, such as Direhowls that can jump out of bushes or Raptors that can camouflage themselves.

Thus, use your scanner or your Pals’ abilities to detect them before they attack.

5. Save Your Stamina And Energy

Save your stamina and energy for the final room, where you will face the alpha Pal.

The alpha Pal is a powerful and rare version of a normal Pal, with higher stats and unique abilities.

Other Pals usually guard it and can put up a tough fight.

alpha pal
Be careful of ambushes and hidden enemies.

6. Catch The Alpha Pal

Try to catch or defeat the alpha Pal as quickly as possible, as the dungeon will collapse after a certain time.

Hence, you can use traps, nets, or special items to capture it or use your Pals’ strongest attacks to damage it.

Rewards And Loot From Hillside Cavern

After you finish the dungeon, you will get access to two chests that contain more rewards.

Additionally, you will get a lot of experience and rare loot.

Some of the possible rewards and loot are:

  1. Weapons, armour, accessories, and money from two chests at the end of the dungeon.
  2. Ancient Civilization Parts, which are used for crafting advanced items, from defeating or catching the alpha Pal.
  3. Ore, wood, and other resources that you can use for crafting or selling, from various spots inside the dungeon.
  4. Rare Pals, such as Direhowl, Raptor, and Golem that you can tame or capture from encountering them in the dungeon.
civilization parts
You will get access to two chests that contain more rewards.

The Bottom Line

Inside Hillside Cavern, you can expect to encounter various types of Pals, such as Direhowl, Raptor, and Golem.

The rewards and loot from Hillside Cavern may vary depending on your luck and performance.

However, you may not get the same items every time you enter the dungeon.

Additionally, you can increase your chances of getting better rewards and loot by using items or skills that boost your drop rate or luck.

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