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Palworld Witch Hat Schematic: Wandering Merchant Location

The Witch Hat in Palworld is more than just a fashionable accessory.

Generally, it’s a practical piece of equipment that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

A Witch Hat is a type of headgear that can boost your magic damage and defense in Palworld. You must gather the required materials to craft it.

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The Witch Hat In Palworld

A Witch Hat is a type of headgear in Palworld that can boost your magic damage and defense in Palworld.

It has a comprehensive and floppy brim that casts a dramatic shadow over your eyes.

The tall, pointed crown adds a touch of whimsy, making you feel ready to tackle any magical adventure.

Significantly, the wide brim offers practical sun protection in Palworld’s vibrant yet unforgiving landscapes.

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How To Craft The Witch Hat In Palworld?

You don’t need to find this magical Witch Hat through quests or lucky drops.

Thus, you can craft it yourself; gather just three basic materials.

To craft the witch hat, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Buy the Witch Hat schematic from the Wandering Merchant at the Small Settlement for 500 gold coins.
  2. Gather 12 pieces of cloth and two ingots.
  3. You can get cloth from Pals like Lamballs or by using a loom. 
  4. Similarly, you can get nuggets by mining ore and smelting it in a furnace.
  5. Then, use a workbench to craft the witch hat.
  6. Select the witch hat schematic from the menu and press the craft button.
  7. However, you must have the required materials in your inventory or nearby storage.

Contrarily, with these readily available ingredients, you can head to your workbench and bring the Witch Hat to life.

You can obtain Fabric scraps by shearing Sheep Pals.

What Are The Benefits Of Witch Hat?

Witch Hat truly shines; it doesn’t just look cool; it grants you several valuable benefits:

1. Stamina Regen (+2)

If you are tired of gasping for air after a sprint or a heated battle, the Witch Hat will have your stamina bar.

Generally, it will refill quickly, allowing you to explore, fight, and gather resources enthusiastically.

2. Magic Resist (+10%)

You may face mischievous Goblins slinging fireballs or fending off enchanted beasts.

Significantly, the Witch Hat grants you extra protection against magical attacks.

Generally, there will be no more flinching at every sparkly projectile.

3. Gathering Speed (+5%)

You may need to stock up on berries for potions or wood for building.

The Witch Hat makes resource gathering a breeze.

Thus, every swing of your axe or pluck of fruit will feel delightfully swift.

craft witch hat
Use a workbench to craft the Witch Hat.

The Bottom Line

The Witch Hat is not just an excellent cosmetic choice; it’s a valuable tool for survival and progress in Palworld.

Its practicality and stylish flair make it a must-have for any aspiring adventurer.

Thus, don’t let the default brown color cramp your style.

Moreover, you can dye the Witch Hat in various vibrant hues using Dyes, letting you personalize your look and stand out from the crowd.

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