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How To Complete Soul Wars Minigame In Leagues 4 In OSRS?

In OSRS, League 4 is the fourth installment of the Leagues game mode with a unique ruleset.

Soul Wars in Leagues 4 is a team-based game where you can play as a team to compete against the opponent party to earn rewards.

Soul Wars is a minigame in Leagues 4 where players have to destroy more of the opponent’s Avatar while the game lasts for 15 minutes. After winning, players get Zeal Tokens as a reward, along with increased Prayer experience. 

Continue reading to learn more about Soul Wars and how to complete the minigame in League 4 in OSRS.

What Is Soul Wars In OSRS League 4?

Soul Wars is a members-only team minigame in the Trailblazer Reloaded league of OSRS that lasts 15 minutes.

During the game, two opposing teams compete against each other, where they have to gather Soul fragments.

Additionally, there can be ten members per team to play this minigame, where players can show their combat skills.

Players capture the soul fragments and give them to the Soul Obelisk to lower the enemy avatar’s damage reduction.

The Soul Obelisk is located at the center of the Isle of Souls.

Further, it is used to weaken, cause damage and defeat enemies during combat.

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How To Complete Soul Wars Minigame In League 4?

Soul Wars is one of the best options to increase the prayer experience for the players.

Here, the main objective is to destroy the opponent team’s Avatar more times in the 15 minutes.

You can play Soul Wars once daily in League 4, rewarding you 1000 XP and increasing the level.

Firstly, players should head over to the Soul Wars portal in Edgeville to play the Soul Wars minigame.

Players must have a combat level of 40 and level 500 to start playing the Soul Wars. 

Then, head over to World 591, where you can be sent either to the blue or red side of the team.

When the game begins, take the potions from the table and many bandages because someone may attack you.

After that, head to the East to your opponent’s Avatar and keep attacking the Avatar until it dies.

Soul wars in League 4
During the combat between the red and blue teams in Soul Wars in League 4.

The team should have at least 4 out of 5 kills, and after the fourth kill, go towards the middle of the map.

This is where you can gain the most points after collecting soul fragments.

Further, you can capture Soul Obelisk when the opponent team is not there.

The team with the highest kills, i.e., 5/5 kills, wins. After completing the minigame, you will be directed to the lobby to claim your rewards.

Rewards After Completing Soul Wars

The main reward players get in Soul Wars is the Zeal Token currency that can be exchanged at Nomad for other rewards.

Soul Wars zeal rewards points increase in League 4 and reach up to 8x in tier 7 as players unlock more relics.

Soul wars minigame summary in League 4
You receive rewards according to the game Statistics when Soul Wars is over.

With the Zeal Tokens earned, you can buy other items from the Reward Shop.

You can purchase anything from the shop, either combat experience, attack, loot or unique rewards.

Soul Wards Rewards Shop
Buying prayer experience from the Zeal tokens earned after Soul Wars.

However, the best thing to buy is the Prayer you can buy using ten tokens at a time to increase the experience.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, Soul Wars in Leagues 4 is a challenging and fun minigame that allows players to increase their prayer experience.

The major objective is to destroy all the opponent party’s Avatar in the game.

Players can use Soul Obelisk to protect their Avatar and reduce the damage percentage.

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